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Can we survive without accessing the Internet?

In this networked world of the Internet superhighway, it is just not possible to stay not connected. As mobile phone has almost replaced landline telephones, the Internet has added an additional channel for interconnection.

When we access the Internet, we enter into the big networks of servers, computers, mobile phones, and other smaller electronic devices.

With all the advantages we get from accessing the Internet, we also get threats and vulnerabilities that try to penetrate our connected computational devices and online digital identities.

Our personal cybersecurity is in our hands.

When we walk on the sidewalk or drive a car on the road, it is our responsibility to maintain a certain level of safety and adopt enough safeguarding strategies. The Internet is the superhighway where we have to roam around safely and securely.

We must take responsibility for accessing the Internet with utmost care so that it can't harm our devices and data. Our personal cybersecurity remains in our hands.

Join a live podcast on "Everyday Cybersecurity."

  • In the tenth episode of my "Podcast Window," I will interview @M.Rosenquist (Matthew Rosenquist), a cybersecurity strategist and technologist.

  • Matthew will discuss various aspects of cybersecurity that we must take care of to make our Internet access safer and more secure.

Podcast topic: Everyday Cybersecurity
Guest: Mathew Rosenquist
Date & Time: Sunday, December 11, 2022, at 1:30 PM Pacific Standard Time
Space: LinkedIn and Twitch

It will be the next day in India, i.e., December 12, 2022, at 3:00 AM.


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We will select meaningful comments and reward the top three questions. I will pick up the relevant comments from Twitch and submit only the relevant questions to Matthew for review.

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So, ask your questions in the comments section on Twitch in the following format:

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Dec 09, 2022

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That is very interesting and wonderful topic you have chosen as usual. Will try to participate or listen to the podcast

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I appreciate your nice appreciative support :)

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Super cool how your using twitch but rewarding the worthy read.com commenters. Love the aim, sir!!

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I gratefully acknowledge your support which will help me in rewarding the commenters. I am exploring an easy and explicit way of delivering the reward, which will be publicly visible. You may suggest a way.

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If it were me I would mention them via short message in read to comment below to receive reward. That way you can write a short summary as well, instead of imbedding it into a future full article. Unless your doing an wrap up article on the podcast.

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Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I shall write a wrap-up article about it even if it fails. I hope a few people will ask questions/comments on the Twitch video in the format proposed.

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I hope they do as well Sir would be neat to see

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