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  • We write and post short or long streams of texts supported by static or animated media. Most bloggers take the help of online free tools here and there and put something interesting in their content canvas.

Lately, I recognized the power of verbal and nonverbal communication.

  • Unless you present yourself in videos, your virtual profile remains partially visible. I experienced it within my limited abilities in different spaces on the Internet.

I guess many of you have similar or difference experiences.

Raise your voice here or elsewhere.

ReadCash gave us a unique platform to express our minds and share our feelings with words, images, and media.

  • How far did you utilize the power of communication while blogging and engaging with other posts?

  • Did you ever come out of the comfort zone of posting {text+image} only articles?

Please share your presence in the video and other non-textual communication.

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  • I know @SuperJulalaine shared a decent number of videos on YouTube. Explore her YouTube channel and view some of the videos.

  • May I request you try posting a video sharing anything you like most?

Check my first post on the topic of music!

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Dec 22, 2022

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The online environment has given us numerous opportunities to express our voices. Your right we are partial to an extent without expressing ourselves with videos. I'm not making excuses I don't do videos yet. There are reasons but like I said no excuses. I believe we have the opportunity to let people know what we are more about. Believe me when I say some don't understand my purpose here. I have had to explain to a few already. Does my voice come out clear and concise online? I'm guessing probably not and I have flaws that can be improved in that matter. I have improved since my beginnings and I'll continue doing so. Of course there are many who see me for who I am and I'm gratefully and I appreciate them.

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9 months ago

Yes, our engagement has the purpose of embracing friendship and cooperation. As we can express ourselves, the community can get information and participate in collaborative projects. I very much appreciate your valuable time and kind support.

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Talking about engagement, I was very shy person. Slowly I got the confidence even in real life, avoided discussions as it sometimes blanked my mind but as of now, I feel changed with the small 2 year engagement I did in blogging platforms, I don't think much before engaging. Also, in real life I have become confident and don't avoid discussions and talks now.

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9 months ago

Commenting and replying to a comment is the first step I considered to get rid of my introverted character. The online live video is the second step I took to streamline my speaking trait.

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9 months ago