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What is nothing?

"What is nothing?" I asked my partner.

"Nothing means nothing. Why are you asking such a silly question?"

My partner became so angry as if she would hit me with anything near to her. She found a pillow and hit me so hard that I realized something was terribly wrong with my question.

It was almost 2 am at night and I disturbed her and irritated her sleep with nothing.

I handed a bottle of cold water to her. She drank water and thanked me.

"So why are you bothered about nothing?" She came back to the point.

I said, "Nothing."

She asked back, "Tell clearly, open your mind. Is there any problem?"

I reassured her, "Nothing. No problem."

"There must ve something behind your nothing," she commented curiously.

"Have you lost anything?" she questioned again.

I tried to reassure her, "No nothing. I lost nothing."

"What is that silly no-thing?" she became angry again.

I couldn't say her that I am really lost with "nothing." I was frantically searching for an answer to the question "What is nothing?"

The story didn't end here. But, I won't write about it further.

Instead, I got to write about a serious concept of life. It revolves around nothing.

I wonder if you have the time and patience to read?

In the beginning, there was nothing ...

It is said that in the beginning there was nothing. Everything and the whole universe were encapsulated inside a tiny point. The dimension and the size of that tiny dot were unmeasurable.

  • Without going into deep science and philosophy, can we get an idea about nothing?

  • Can we grasp fractional know-how about something called nothing?

Nothing is impossible in this universe, or outside this universe.

When we know very little about the extent of the universe, it is not difficult to say that it is very vast and there is no limit. We even don't know if there is only one universe.

We only love to know and believe that something may be created from nothing.

  • Doing an activity is believing in the results or outcome of the activity.

Let us believe that we can create something from nothing, i,.e, from scratch.

Nothing to something is creativity ...

The main objective of life is to create something from nothing.

  • Let us believe that nothing is something in disguise.

  • For example, a painter takes a blank canvas in the beginning.

The laboratory of creativity is the painter's mind. The painter thinks about creating something. Thinking convulsions take place inside the painter's mind. And, the painter takes a pencil and draws the initial line of art. Eventually, more lines are created. Then, the painter takes the brush and fills colors in between the lines of art.

  • We all are creators in our everyday lives.

  • We create unique life arts in our personal life canvas.

Initially, the life canvas is empty. Gradually, it is filled up with fragments of joys and woes. The creation goes on with everyday life grinding.

  • "Nothing to something" is an everyday activity of every human.

Create something every day

  • When we live our lives, we create something.

We create a lot of worth in our everyday life.

We cook, eat, read, write, sing, paint, and a lot of other things.

  • What do the bloggers do every day?

The bloggers create text content.

  • What do you do when you cook food?

You create a tasty variety of foods to quench the hunger of yourself, your family, and your loved ones. You develop bonds with your family and friends who taste your food.

  • What do the programmers do?

The programmers write software codes to create a solution or product.

Everybody is playing their part to create and contribute to the growth of society.

Let us create something every day to contribute our parts.

Don't bother about what is nothing.

Bother nothing, and create something. Replace nothing with something.

About me

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April 28, 2022.

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1 year ago


That is what visionaries do - putting something into nothing just like some businesses providing a need and creating a need.

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1 year ago

I agree. All needs arise from the urge to fill up some empty "no-things" in a business or any other space of our lives.

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1 year ago

Nothing means there is something going in your mind, kwkwkw, like nothing. Haha

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1 year ago

Yes, creating something in a blank "no-thing" is essential.

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1 year ago

A serious article my friend Unity

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Zero to something requires serious efforts.

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1 year ago

This portrayed a really powerful message. Something would come out from nothing if you put your mind to it

$ 0.01
1 year ago

I appreciate you for paying some time for "nothing."

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1 year ago

Anything can happen in life, especially nothing.

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1 year ago

"Nothing" is not zero since it can help create something that we like to see in existence.

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1 year ago

Logically nothing hidden behind nothing but yes the gesture of nothing works magically nothing.

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1 year ago

"Nothing" as an empty or a blank canvas can be the starting point of fabulous creations.

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1 year ago

I enjoyed nothing here, haha. Seriously this is the most interesting and unique article I read today.

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1 year ago

I have had nothing to do with anything but create something out of nothing!

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1 year ago