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I intentionally chose GNU/Linux as the default operating system for all my computers. It was such a correct decision in my computing life!

I had seen people suffering from the notorious proprietary operating system people refer to as "Windows." The name doesn't fit even for its namesake! The proprietary operating system "Windows" is equivalent to "closing several wide windows" featuring vast opportunities of Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS).

The main question "How do you save money with GNU/Linux?" will be discussed in the following sub-sections.

Please give a patient reading and exploring. I guarantee you won't repent spending a few minutes of your cyber presence.

It will be a much-needed time investment that is invaluable for your whole computing and cyber life including your engagement with cryptocurrencies.

Adopting GNU/Linux is a life-changing choice for me and other GNU/Linux and FOSS users.

Computers are costlier with a proprietary operating system

When you buy a computer/laptop, choose a model that doesn't have a proprietary operating system preinstalled. For example, if you buy a computer/laptop without a Microsoft Windows operating system preinstalled, the cost of the computer/laptop is minus the cost of the Windows license fees.

Today's Windows Home edition cost is shown in the screenshot image below:

Image 01: Screenshot source

The price shown is INR, Indian Rupees because I have searched it from India. The price is shown as INR11999, which comes to INR8860 after a rebate deal.

Image 02: Screenshot

The US Dollar equivalence of INR8860 is now US$119.34. That clearly shows how much you are paying for the proprietary Windows operating system of your preinstalled computer/laptop.

The cost of Windows Pro is higher, as shown in the screenshot below:

Image 03:

The price in INR varies between 15999 and 22799, which come between US$215.38 and US$306.92.

Image 04:

Image 05:

Computers are cheaper without a proprietary operating system

The above search results show the additional price you have to pay on a proprietary operating system, such as Windows 10 Home edition.

Instead, if you choose a computer/laptop with FreeDOS operating system, you are paying a price much less, today it is cheaper by approximately US$120 or one hundred and twenty US Dollars.

Image 06: "Debian - The Universal Operating System"

  • I buy laptops without a proprietary operating system.

  • I buy laptops with FreeDOS operating system and install Debian GNU/Linux.

  • I assemble my desktop computers and install Debian GNU/Linux.

  • This way, I save a good amount of money on proprietary software.

  • I also get the world's most stable and progressive operating system, i.e., a GNU/Linux and a vast range of open-source application software.

Do you need any exceptional talent to do all these?

Not at all, my friends at and other crypto platforms.

What do you need to do all these?

You don't need any exceptional talent or skill to do all those mentioned in the previous subsection. It is a truth, and I can testify it.

Image 07: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

You need nothing to do all these.

You only need the openness to learn and grow.

You need to have the spirit to say no to proprietary software.

Indeed, you don't need the courage to try something unique.

Try a GNU/Linux operating system for your computers

Image 08: Screenshot from

GNU/Linux is a free UNIX-like operating system existing on the planet for many years. GNU/Linux is not owned by any corporate company but a group or community of free software developers from around the globe.

  • When IBM developed their family of desktop computers, a new startup company (not known as Microsoft then) got a minor contract from IBM to write an operating system for their newly developed desktop computer family.

  • The new software startup (or Microsoft) had tried to mimic a moderate version of the UNIX operating system, which they called a disk operating system (DOS). DOS had the disk utilities of UNIX minus the security!

  • And, the administrators of IBM didn't consider the disk operating system (DOS) software any great thing! So, they just permitted/gifted the software license to be kept with the software startup company. With that small software license in hand, the software startup became the notorious software giant Microsoft of today!

Don't get yourself bogged down and engulfed by proprietary software companies. Let your own creativity in software grow and sustain. Adopt a GNU/Linux operating system, Free and Open-Source Software for all your computing.

Bringing it altogether

  • For your computers/laptops, try to adopt a GNU/Linux operating system, Free and Opens-Source Software (FOSS).

  • Buy your computers without any proprietary operating system, and save the cost of the operating system and applications software.

  • Install and explore the world of computing under GNU/Linux and FOSS.


I recently created a new writing community - "Linux and Open Source Software."

Image 09: Linux Logo from

I put forward regular efforts to write the ever-growing applications of Linux. Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS).

I will also write reviews on useful open-source software and demonstrate how I adopted Linux and FOSS for my everyday professional works.

I would encourage the blogging community on to follow and submit relevant articles.

Tagging a couple of fellow bloggers who may find it useful

Whoever plans to buy a new computer/laptop device may consider buying the computer/laptop with a FreeDOS operating system, and installing Linux operating system. It will save a lot of money!

I remember reading posts of @Eirolfeam2 and @Sydney2 about buying new computers, who may find the information useful.

I will always be willing to help whoever wishes to adopt Linux and FOSS.


Lead Image: I created the animation with my texts and a screenshot from Sources of all other images are mentioned below the respective images.

Disclaimer: All texts are mine and original. Any similarity and resemblance to any other content are purely accidental. The article is not advice for life, career, business, or investment. Do your research before adopting any options.

Unite and Empower Humanity.

I am also on ... click the link if you are there.

January 17, 2022.

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Hello, my friend.

Congratulations in advance for such a well-written and useful article. Yes, I share your thoughts about smart IT procurement.

Linux and open-source software is the best choice for people.

Of course, there are also people who still feel fear of breaking a computer. Obviously, this is not my case.

Best of success in the community you are promoting. Of which, I will be watching from now on.

Best regards.

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1 year ago

Thanks for your comment. I am on the way to promoting Linux and FOSS. I also wish to make people aware that Linux is easy to adopt. I very much appreciate you for spending valuable "Time Currency" ( from your busy life.

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1 year ago

Regards from Venezuela. Appreciated Unity, many thanks for sharing such useful information wich help us to keep spreading the word about the wonders of FOSS. As a Linux promoter by myself since 2001, is a proud to join the community you have created. Let's make grow the free people web!

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1 year ago

I appreciate your joining me in circulating FOSS and GNU/Linux operating systems among general computer users. Let's spread the spirit of software freedom.

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1 year ago

Great article! I totally agree with what you say, I prefer Linux as an OS too: it makes even extremely dated PCs work worthily. Since, however, some software are not compatible with Linux, what virtual machine do you recommend to be able to use those dedicated software that require Windows?

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1 year ago

I am happy to know that there are many of us at who prefer GNU/Linux OS. I love your positive points. If you want to run any Windows application, you may try the WINE (Windows Emulation). Many Windows users use WINE to play games!

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1 year ago