If I See an Error, I Get Elated!

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Whenever I see an error in whatever I do, I get elated!

At least the first exercise of the test run has produced an error! That means the system is executing and giving an error output.

  • An error is the first step to succeeding in doing anything.

To be precise, an error is the first milestone toward success.

Errors are part of life, and so as for CashRain.

My first experiment started to run yesterday when I created a CashRain following the on-screen guidelines.

  • The steps are so simple. Anybody conversant in using the Internet, reading, and writing, hit some "clicks" of the mouse, or touchscreen, can do it like a breeze.

  • But today, when I first opened the CashRain website, I got something that makes me happy. I noticed an error display, as shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot Source

Then, I found a comment by @Codename_Chikakiku in my last article about my first CashRain experiment. The comment described errors in CashRain.

Screenshot Source

Concluding appeal

  • In light of the above errors, I patiently wait to see the result of my first CashRain experiment, which will end within a few hours!

I appeal to the participating community of BCH community to wait and watch for the results. The system may not perform a hundred percent perfectly.

  • Because an error means a trial run, and the system is running.

Please wait and watch.

  • Errors are part and parcel of life.

Errors are opportunities to learn and correct future operations.

  • I learned from the errors and failures with my first CashRain campaign.


The current screenshot shows the CashRain system has surmounted the errors.

Screenshot Source

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Dec 07, 2022

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We can learn from mistakes and find solutions to all problems. It is not possible for us to do everything perfectly, so it is better to check the errors and start working on solutions.

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9 months ago

Yes, problems are the starting points to finding the solution.

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9 months ago

Erros makes corrected and maybe there is something do in the application and i hope it would be fixed as soon as possible.

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9 months ago

There is an error means your effort is working to yield the mistakes. It may be corrected.

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9 months ago

Hoping that it was fixed already but somehow the past cashrain still visible on my dashboard though devs said it was distributed already.

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9 months ago

Let me see if I get any errors or smooth a result.

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9 months ago