How We Can Embed Odysee Videos on ReadCash

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I wrote a request to support Odysee videos.

In the recent past, Odysee stopped displaying the LBRY URLs in the details of the published content. And the ReadCash writing interface still doesn't support direct Odysee URLs. So, I appealed in an article for support of direct Odysee links.

"When Will ReadCash Support Odysee Video Links?"

  • But now, I found a way to embed Odysee videos on ReadCash.

Still, we can embed Odysee videos on ReadCash using LBRY links.

  • I didn't consider writing down the LBRY links that I used earlier. So, I forgot how the LBRY URLs are related to the Odysee URLs of a video.

Now, I think I found it and can embed Odysee videos here on a ReadCash article.

Suppose, for an Odysee video, the URL displays as below.

The corresponding LBRY URL may be written as

As soon as I paste the above LBRY URL here, it will embed the Odysee video within a couple of seconds or so, as displayed below.

Video Source

Embedding an Odysee video on ReadCash is so simple. Isn't it?

However, the ReadCash GUI team should make the necessary changes so that the creators can embed Odysee videos seamlessly with the direct Odysee-dot-Com links.


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