ChatGPT Helps Criminals

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Artificial intelligence is opening exciting avenues.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been in STEM research worldwide for many years.

  • All research groups, be it in academia or research labs, pursuing something in developing AI algorithms got some government and private funding.

  • AI has been an appealing subject for doctoral research students.

  • However, it took time to see AI algorithms in practical use cases.

The affordability of high-speed computational devices has been the main bottleneck for the practical realization of AI applications.

ChatGPT has now become a household AI application.

ChatGPT is now the most trending AI application on the Internet.

  • Finding any Internet user who doesn't know about ChatGPT is difficult.

  • People rush to create accounts and start using ChatGPT.

  • They are so happy to find an easy place to ask questions and get answers.

The ChatGPT users are helping the AI project to get their algorithm tested/trained with as many questions/input data as they need.

<> The global users of ChatGPT are doing this favor free of cost!

ChatGPT helps criminals to commit crimes.

However, AI applications like ChatGPT may create severe perils for the entire human society!

  • ChatGPT giving instructions to build explosives with information about the associated hardware stores is almost like actively assisting terrorists!

  • ChatGPT also helps cyber criminals with codes for creating a fake ING website and stealing user data!

The shocking news is OpenAI spokesperson admitted the flaw in the filtering feature of ChatGPT that can bypass the filter and offer hazardous information to the users!

OpenAI started to monitor ChatGPT's responses to users' questions and shut down user accounts that were found to abuse the AI chatbot.

And what do the police say about hazardous aspects of ChatGPT?

It is rather funny yet sad to know that most of the so-called intelligent Internet users (I, you, and we), as well as the government bodies, are silent about the hazardous aspects of AI.

The police department representative admitted to knowing about the perils of AI, the Internet, and the dark web as if the matter is so inevitable.

Be cautious in choosing any AI application for your everyday life.

  • Our life is more precious than using modern tech gadgets.

  • Use only those apps and devices that are well-tested.

Never adopt a new AI product that claims, "It provides unparallel security by AI algorithms."

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June 21, 2023

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The rapid adoption and popularity of AI applications like ChatGPT are indeed transformative, offering tremendous potential for assistance and knowledge sharing. However, as your description highlights, there are concerns and challenges related to the misuse of such technology. Striking a balance between accessibility and security is crucial in the development and deployment of AI applications. It's essential for developers and organizations to continuously improve filtering mechanisms to prevent malicious use while ensuring the responsible and safe utilization of these tools.

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2 months ago

Yes chatgpt is trending on internet right now and everything has advantage and disadvantage, depends on how we use it. I always respect human brain more than artificial intelligence.

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5 months ago

ChatGPT always propagates the totalitarian narratives of the governments!

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5 months ago