Breaking the Silence

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A blank page may carry infinite information.

If I show you a blank white page and ask what you see?

As we see nothing on the page, you might say nothing, i.e., nothing is present on the page except the white color.

  • Newton proved that white color consists of seven distinct colors.

  • Newton demonstrated with experiments that the Sunlight split into its constituent seven colors, i.e., VIBGYOR - violet, indigo, blue, yellow, orange, and red.

  • Newton also showed that a fast-rotating wheel with seven sectors of VIBGYOR colors combines to produce a visual sensation of white color.

What beautiful experiments Newton did with the concept and percept of colors!

Silence can mean many things, including agreement or disagreement.

When a community becomes silent, there is no direct way to get the actual reason behind their silence. One can only indirectly guess.

  • I see that the ReadCash community is somewhat silent.

What does it imply?

  • Does the price cap of Bitcoin Cash has something to do with that?

  • Does the random algorithmic support has anything in the connection?

  • Does CashRain is taking the community out of the writing platform?

Silence bear many untold questions.

There is no reason that the blogging community has to explicitly open their minds about their silence and inactivity.

  • The questions come to my mind, and I am not shy to hide my thinking.

Let the questions come inside your mind, and let them come out.

  • There is no guarantee of an answer or solution to the present problems.

I see no harm in sharing the questions with the community.

Breaking of silence requires some courage.

When we see some bloggers silent for many days and weeks, we assume there is a real reason behind their silence.

  • Breaking of silence requires a little bit of courage.

  • Writing or speaking after a long gap is not easy.

It is not difficult either.

  • Engaging in others' blogs is relatively easier than writing our blogs.

Then, starting afresh in the creator's grinding journey is like slowly coming into a pool of deep water and then starting to swim.

Image by GraphicMama-team on Pixabay.

Don't worry, and speak out.

  • Start doing what you are fond of and are good at.

  • Engage enough with your passion.

  • Exercise physically and mentally.

  • Shed all agonies, and get rid of all worries.

Don't worry, and speak out.

Sometimes, breaking the silence is a great relief.

=> Read, write, speak, and create meaningful content.


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Dec 18, 2022

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He aprendido a lo largo de la vida que cuando hay un silencio es porque viene cosas buenas, algo se esta colando, el silencio o quedarse callado algunas veces es bueno.

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9 months ago

Gracias, amigo :)

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9 months ago

There are many key learning points behind every secret. We should do and understand the situation.

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9 months ago

Life is a natural process with a lot of learning here and there. Let's grab every opportunity and engage with the people.

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9 months ago