Introducing a Play-To-Earn game : JobTribes

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1 year ago

We all know the craze going around about Free-To-Play games AKA blockchain based games, but most of them requires some kind of initial investment so I decided to introduce y'all a free to play game which doesn't requires any kind of investment (AFAIK) and it is kinda easy to play so what are we wating for let's dive in, shall we?

So this game starts with a long introduction type story (which you can skip cause it is too big) where you are born as a reincarnation and are jobless (ouch!) And then you find a Joblord who gives you direction regarding how to play this game and earn their ingame currency.

Basically, This game is a card based game, usually containing 6 amulets (cards) where players fight with their deck of cards with other players or system to win their ingame currency which is later on converted into their native token at the time of withdrawal


Before starting the game you need to create a wallet first and a playmining ID, you can read the steps regarding how to create a wallet here

The game, JobTribes, begins with this homepage, but you will find some other character cause It gets changed according to your first player in your deck, which in mine is Professor!

As you can see at the bottom there are 3 options, first one is for PvP (Player V/s Player) which is kinda inactive now cause the tournament hasn't started.

Second is Deap check, this is where you can convert your ingame currency named as Leapcoin into Deapcoin for the withdrawal.

And the third is Quest, here you can play the main game which is further divided into free quest and daily quest.

Just click on any one of them to being your first game and win it!

Clicking on it bring you to your enemies deck where you can see their cards, their level and also you can choose if you want the game to be normal or hard one, just click on “challenge” to begin it.

After clicking on challenge, your main game will begin and after winning that game you will get the ingame currency, leapcoin and some more bonus items which are helpful for levelling up your cards.

Also, don't get worried if you lost the game, you won't loose anything but neither you will get anything so make sure to use your best strategy for winning. You can read more about this game and their rules into their FAQ


The strategy to play this game is kinda simple if you understand the basics, which is important cause winning and loosing depends on this.

So the Amulets (cards) in this game are divided into 6 attribute as following :

  • Fire (Red) : Which is strong against nature but weak against water

  • Nature (Green) : which is strong against water but weak against fire

  • Water (Blue) : which is strong against fire but weak against nature

  • Thunder (Yellow) : Which is strong against poison but weak against earth

  • Poison (Purple) : Which is strong against earth but weak against thunder

  • Earth (Orange) : Which is strong against thunder but weak against poison.

Sounds too confusing right? Check this picture for better understanding

I hope this picture makes more sense now, even if it doesn't don't worry much cause the above picture is available every time you start the game so that you can adjust your deck as per your enemy has adjusted their deck.

Now you know the different attributes available but what's the point in this? Well just like I told above each amulet has a weakness, so you just have to arrange your deck accordingly!

This is a legendary card known as Astronaut!

As you can see above, the card is from purple attribute. So if your enemy has this card in their deck, don't forget to add a card which is from yellow attribute cause they are their weakness. Also don't add any orange one's cause this card and defeat orange card easily making you lose your one player.

This one is a common card known as University Professor

As you can see this one is a blue card known as University Professor, isn't she cute? Lol. So you need a green card to defeat this one but don't add any red card, you know the reason why, don't you? Also there are four types of rarity In the amulets as Legendary, Epic, Rare and Common.


Before moving ahead make sure to read this 2 points about this game and token :

  • This game requires KYC to withdraw their native token, Deapcoin.

  • This coin, Deapcoin, is ERC-20 token

At the time of withdrawing your ingame currency, palecoin gets converted into Deapcoin depending the market rates and conversion rates. Also, the withdrawing only happens bi-weekly, you can see the upcoming date on the deapcheck option.

At the time of writing this post (February, 2022) this coins price is $0.0409 and it is available on OKEX and BitTrex exchange only for buying and selling.


At the end of this post I would like to remind you all that my only reason writing this article is to create an awareness about this game named as Jobtribes, I do not advice you all to invest in it without any information, Please exercise due diligence and do your research

If you want to keep yourself updated with what's going on with this game's development and all, make sure to follow them on their social media accounts Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Youtube, Facebook.










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1 year ago


is it possible to earn money by playing this game? I am sourcing for a game to play and earn money in honest way.

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1 year ago

Well yes it is, you will get their native token but DYOR before doing it. Also I should tell you that it is only available on 2 exchange right now and it's an ERC20 token

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1 year ago

Do I need to invest any amount for in-game purchases? Or is the game free?

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1 year ago

This is totally free but suppose if you want to upgrade your cards in an instant you can buy their NFT and that requires investment or else it's totally free cause upgrading cards isn't too necessary, atleast that's what I did

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1 year ago

Okay. Thanks for the feedback. I'll check it out sometime.

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1 year ago

Its looking nice game. Is it possible to play from Bangladesh?

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1 year ago

Yup you can play it, there is no regional restrictions and you can just play it on your web browser, no need to install any app

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1 year ago

It is sure an interesting game, the scenes or the photos taken from the game are so captivating

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1 year ago

Yup it is, I really like the designs/character on various cards from there

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1 year ago