Helping With Constipation In Both Infants And Adults

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3 years ago

Constipation is very common in both infants and adults in as much we all eat daily. Constipation can be easily controlled in adults because they know any changes in their body, they know when to use medication, they know when to relax , in short how to feel ease. But in case of babies reverse is the case. Babies only show their pains through crying, not eating, not comfortable because they can't talk.

In this article, I will be shedding more light on constipation both in adults and in infants, symptoms and cure.

What is constipation?

Constipation in simple terms is when the bowel feels hard and it's difficult to defecate. In babies, constipation occurs when the mother notice that the baby is suffering from stomach disorder leading to the baby not passing stools for more than three days.

A mother or an individual must be aware of the pattern of their bowel movements and their babies too because constipation especially in babies leads to many problems in which we are going to talk about in this article.

Normally, a good working bowel should pass stools at least once per day. Mothers should watch their babies everyday to know when to help the baby because babies muscles are very weak and they can't press themselves properly.

So why does constipation occur?

Constipation occur due to many reasons in which am going to highlight segment by segment.

The major causes of Constipation In Babies Are:

1) Changing Of Milk

Constipation occur due to the way a child is fed. Changing the type of milk in terms of formulas can affect the pattern of the babies bowel movement which will somehow leads to the baby been constipated. I advised mothers should make sure that the formula is not affecting their child's bowel movements.

2) Breastfeeding

If you are breastfeeding,the mother should take note of the food she eats. The mother shouldn't just eat any how because the baby feed from whatever the mother eat through breastfeeding. Different kinds of foods may affect the babies bowel movement. I advised mother's should endeavor to eat healthy diet because of their own health and because of the little baby.

The major Cases of Constipation in Adults Are:

1) Eating Disorder

2) Not drinking enough water

3) Too much stress

4) Pregnancy

5) Taking strong pains medications e.g. iron pills

6) Too much fiber in the diet

7) Resisting the urge to defecate

8) Not working well digestive systems etc.

Although constipation is not that serious if you know what to do.

Symptoms Of Constipation

1) Bloating

2) Excreting small stools or hard stools or not at all.

3) Stomach disorder

4) Discharging bad fart odours

5) Uncomfortable Feelings like you need help to empty your bowels, such as pressing on your belly or using a finger to remove stool from your bottom.

All said. Now let's look at possible solutions to constipation both in babies and in adults.

Solutions To Constipation In Babies

1) For babies, after waiting for 30_40 minutes of feeding try baby massaging. You can use Organic Sunflower seed oil, or coconut oil or even olive oil to massage the baby's belly. But always do a patch test to make sure these oil is fine for your babies skin. Don't just jump to use any oil, check is your baby's skin is allergic to a certain oil before use.

Paddle your hands from above your baby's navel down towards the hip so as to encourage the air bubbles from the top of the bowel towards the navel line. You can also do side strokes so as to push the air bubbles around the intenstine. Repeat this massage for like 6-10 times after 30 minutes of feeding.

2) Mothers should eat healthy diets so as to prevent constipation in babies

3) Don't change the baby's milk formulas anyhow so as not to cause constipation.

Solutions To Constipation In Adults

1) Drink water more each day. Take 1-2 glasses of water 30minutes before eating and 1 glass of water 30minutes after eating so as to aid fast digestion and allow easy stools. Drink warm water early in the morning before jumping into that your heavy breakfast.

2) Even apart from Solution to constipation, fruits is good for the body. If you want to stay healthy,then eat fruits well. You can check my other articles I wrote about fruits intake. Eat Fruits 30minutes before your meals so as to aid easy digestion.πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

3) Exercise. It's good to always exercise the muscles so as to stay fit and prevent constipation. When to do exercise or workouts, it makes your belly muscles very active.

4) Eat healthy diets. Don't just eat anyhow, checkmate your Eating habit all times. I wrote an article on learning about eating foods, please checkπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

You can treat yourself from constipation by adhering to all the Solutions have highlighted above.

The only time you can go to the hospital is when your constipation got out of hands. This includes;

Seeing blood in your stools

Not been able to defecate for more than a week

When your constipation brings a lot of belly pains and cramping

Unable to eat at all for days

Loosing weight abnormally.

I hope with this article, you have learnt about constipation, causes, symptoms, solutions for babies and adults. STAY HEALTHY ALWAYS BECAUSE HEALTH IS WEALTH.

Thanks for reading..

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3 years ago


You can also try the I love you massage and the bicycle massage. It help your baby when constipated. Also when your baby was eating solid food you can try pear , it good in constipation

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3 years ago

Woah woah.. I will tell my aunt. Thanks so much sis

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3 years ago

Organic oil also helps baby relax and have a sound sleep, just sad it does not affect my baby she's very hyper. Thanks for the tip this is a good article, although my baby is 3 years old now she can talk so I don't have to worry much if she's not feeling well because she an expressed herself by now.

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3 years ago

Firstly, thanks for the gift, I really appreciate... Oh yes, organic oil helps for sound sleep. It's nice meeting regards to your baby

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3 years ago

I always love you reading your articles dear because they are always informative and healthy... I never knew using organic oils to massage babies with constipation is helpful... Thanks for your article has helped a little babies life... Very thoughtful of you... Keep on writing dear

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3 years ago

Am so happy to hear that... I wrote this today because my uncle's baby had constipation yesterday and we tried massaging his belly and it worked... Tell others too dear.... Thanks for encouraging me all time

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3 years ago sorry about that dear and am happy he is better now... I hope @Eybyoung can read your article dear because I see she's a good mother too have come across on this platform through her articles...

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Thanks for the mention of, this is a good article to read 😊 Thanks for remembering me.

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He is better now and am happy to write this article to help everyone... I can't wait to meet her then, at least she will shed more light on constipation in little kids...

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It's good to help others to stay healthy dear.... Don't worry she will soon notice you because you are a good writer...

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And I won't stop helping others socially, mentally, emotionally, health wisely, in all ways.... People around us are the clothes that covers us all time and makes humanity lovely...

I will wait patiently for her... thanks

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Keep it up dear... May God bless you more....

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Woah... thanks for the gift I really appreciate dear

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Amen and you too

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