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The importance of positive thinking in our life

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1 year ago

Positivity is thinking in an optimistic way, constantly working on finding alternative solutions to all problems that people face, expecting positive results, and being pessimistic. This is in order to focus on success and prosperity, and to avoid the possibility of failure.

Thinking is one of the factors that lead to success and increased self-confidence. It is a source of strength and confidence, and through it a person can analyze and interpret matters, find appropriate solutions to his problems, succeed in all areas of his life, attract happiness to him, and feel psychological comfort. It is the primary source of positivity in one's life.

So in this article, we will introduce you to some of the things that, if you put them in mind, helped you think positively about your life.

1. Repeating positive thoughts:

This method is one of the methods of self-encouragement, which has the greatest impact on increasing a person's self-confidence. It increases his positive outlook on what is around him. For example: When a person reiterates within him that he is able to succeed and overcome the difficulties, challenges and problems that he faces, he will send within him reassurance and psychological comfort, and be more able to actually overcome them.

2. Stay away from negative people:

Surrounding yourself with people encourages you to think positively, and stay away as much as possible from negative emotions and negative and frustrating people. To change the way you think.

Positive people help you succeed and overcome the difficulties and problems that confront you, and not give in to difficult circumstances; While negative people make you doubt your ability to overcome problems and reach your goals.

3. List the goals:

Thinking and planning for the future inspires hope and optimism, writing goals and working to achieve them greatly helps in reaching positive thinking, and generates greater self-motivation, higher self-confidence and greater ability to achieve them.

  • The goals should be:

  • Realistic.

  • Hinge.

  • Set within a timeline.

  • Achievable.

  • Measurable.

4. Putting positive phrases that stimulate positive thinking:

There are some phrases that encourage thinking positively, and leave a beautiful impact on the human psyche, including: "Be positive, delete the word" impossible "from your dictionary, and replace it with the word" challenge ", and then you will be able to overcome any problem in your life easily."

5. Exercise good morals:

A positive person has good manners and manners, and always strives to adhere to the limits of etiquette in dealing with others in various situations and circumstances. He does not take offense with abuse like it, and he always works to improve the way he deals with people.

6. Doing good:

Doing good is one of the ways in which a person becomes happy. This is because helping people brings comfort in the soul, contributes to changing your perspective and thoughts about yourself, and strengthens your social relationships with those around you.

7. Gratitude:

Gratitude is a very important factor. It increases your energy flow and positive emotions, and leads to good mental health and more happiness. When you appreciate the things you get and what is happening in your life, you become happier. This is done by identifying the things that you are grateful for, such as: valuing health and appreciating livelihood.

There are many things that are taken into consideration, and it helps this person feel that he is overwhelmed with grace, and makes him more love of life.

8. Always smiling:

The smile is the key to positivity and one of its most important indicators, and it is the first impression that we make on the personality of another. It suggests to the mind that it is optimistic and happy.

Smiling is not only limited to events that require a smile, it is good for a person to smile at all times. This is because it gives the impression of lasting happiness and joy.

9. Attention to health:

Positivity is not limited to personality and dealing with others only, but it must be reflected in the human body, mind and thinking style. This occurs through eating healthy food, exercising and walking regularly.

10. Changing beliefs and ideas:

This is one of the most important steps in positive thinking. Therefore, it must be known that beliefs are responsible for guiding ideas, especially when it comes to relating events to each other When you think that something has happened, your mind will start - based on your belief - to think, analyze, interpret, link events, develop ideas, conclusions and solutions.

You should know that you are solely responsible for the way you change your beliefs and thoughts, whether they are positive or negative.

11. Not exaggerating the problems:

Always try to get in the habit of not exaggerating problems and giving them greater than their size, and be positive; When you encounter a problem, get used to dividing it, no matter how large, into small parts, and try to solve each of them separately. This is so that you can confront and overcome them, instead of looking at them as large, difficult and impossible to solve, feeling frustrated and despair, and surrendering to negative thoughts.

12. Human development:

Human development is not only a phrase, it is a way of life that individuals and society use to develop their way of life, and to live better and happier.

Human development provides your mind with the necessary information, skills and knowledge to help you discover your capabilities and potentials, use the power of your imagination to reach and achieve your goals to the fullest, and train yourself in new positive habits as well.

13. Taking Responsibility:

Take full responsibility for every action you do, and for every result of that action. If you accept this principle, you will have passed the most difficult stage, so be careful with your behavior in the coming times. As we can see, positive thinking helps you benefit from all your failed experiences and push the boundaries of frustration and despair.

14. Start the day with positivity and vigor:

It is important that you accustom yourself to starting your day with an active and positive attitude. This is because this beautiful feeling will last with you throughout the day and help you overcome negative thoughts that haunt you.

Smile when you wake up in the morning, breathe in the fresh air, and listen to music, as it is food for the soul, as it provides you with positive energy and increases your spirits; As much as possible, try to be with your close friends who make you feel happy, because they are a source of inspiration for you, and the source of your positive energy.

15. Reading books:

Try to spend time reading books that provide you with positive energy, and work to implement the positive thoughts you read.

16. Replace the negative things with the positive:

This occurs by creating a list of the sources of these negative thoughts - whether these sources are people, foods, places, co-workers, or even some social media sites - then devising a plan to move away from these sources as much as possible and avoid them, and replace them with other sources that emit Hope and optimism in yourself, whether it is spending time with family members, going for a walk, or exercising and walking, etc.


As you have seen, dear readers, Positive thinking is only the basis of life and happiness, and by adhering to and implementing these tips and steps, you can enjoy happiness and inner psychological comfort.

Remember that positivity in life is not limited to yourself, but includes dealing with those around you, the ability to advise and help them, and direct them properly. Positivity is not just a simple word, it is life, existence, hope and the basis for building a beautiful future that suits you.

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Written by   52
1 year ago
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Positive thinking is a source of strength and confidence and a sign that u re great

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1 year ago

Yes everyday I tried to become positive as much as I can, from the morning I wake up till I close my eyes 😊

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1 year ago

Positive thinking is essential in our everyday life. If we practice and master it, our life will be better and no problems or negative thoughts can let us down. I love to smile early in the morning and grateful for waking up. I plan my days ahead in my head the way I want it to be. It helps me a lot. :)

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1 year ago

Perhaps it is time to think of the challenges we face in life as experiences that help us mature, and to start finding ways to think more positively.

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1 year ago

Have you read or watch "The Secret by Rhonda Byrne"? That was a life-changing book that thought me how could I change me and my life for better just by simply changing my thoughts and being careful of what I'm paying attention to. Love that

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1 year ago

Positive thinking is the first step to success and much needed to be a successful one.

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1 year ago

Positive thinking is seeing optimism in everything. No matter what life serves you, you should always appreciate it. Life comes in ups and downs .you can't enjoy the ups,if you don't know about the downs.

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1 year ago

If you can control what you focus on, all your perceptions and beliefs about life will change.

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1 year ago

Having a positive mindset will help us achieve our goals in life. It will help us have a happier and healthier life.. Good article. Keep writing 👍

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1 year ago

As life has met us for a long time with negatives, we will try to nourish ourselves with positive thoughts daily to overcome our accumulated frustrations from life.

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1 year ago

True.. Because if not, toxicity will overtake us..

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1 year ago