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Being so Timid and choosy

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4 months ago

I'd love to write even if not in a good condition and a good quality but here I am.

Back to the place where I am now, I have a group of friends. They are my long and my childhood friend. We share our moments if some of us don't have work or need to have someone to talk to.

I am that timid person but when it to comes to my friends I am the one who is the noisiest of all. I am the last who had no family either till now. Besides I don't have a stable job, I am that we are called an easy-go-lucky man. But now I realize that I am not going younger anymore. My age still going up and I don't have a girlfriend. A being that they called a shy boy. It's hard for me to open to those girls if I had someone whom I like to.

All of my friends have their family already and they have now their kids. And I left behind. I thought that when I came forty years old then if I still don't have a girlfriend then I need to accept the truth that I will be going old without the love of my life. So in short I don't have my own family. So I need to focus on my work now, in which I am new with this work. Being a technician is not easy first. But as time passes by I know everything about my work. My employer sometimes called me just to repair her tv and electric fan. I almost know about electrical and about CCTV repairs. The small chipset in which I used to repair it and I replace that kind of parts to the unit whose had defect or problem. With the help of my co-worker, I quickly learned almost everything.

But before that, I used to be a technician of a TV in which I am not repairing it but replacing every part that had a defect. Example backlight of the tv, powerboard and mainboard and other parts that are defective. But when I resign from that company and applying to another company, I started my journey being a techy one. This time I study and learned on how to repair those busted volts, capacitors, and other small parts in a board of those items we have. By the use of a tester, I can distinguish what part of it had a problem or defect. I enjoyed my work there. And I started to mingle with my co-worker and develop other skills. And I develop also my personality and I may not be that shy and timid old man lol.

Going back to where I became a tv technician, I don't expect that a girl whom I tried to court or just making a fling coz I don't even think that she might want me to. We just talked in messenger and exchanging some ideas and a joke sometimes. And to make short I enjoy her presence with me. So one day, I made a joke that she's cute and I like her and the laughter of our follows. We don't mind our chats and it seems that we love our company and we are comfortable with each other too.

So from that time, I change my behavior toward her and I become more serious. And one day she had a vacation leave for one week. And my entire day was lonely, I wanted to talk to her and laugh and share some thoughts to make my day brighter and more enjoyable but she can't be reached when I called her. She told me before she leaves that their place has no signal. I don't want to believe her but I don't need to show her that I am opposed to that situation. But thanks she finds a way too on how to contact me, and she told me everything that she already in their place and she is happy to be with her daughter. ANd her mother too was very happy and also her daughter as well. I started to court her, and I started to show my feelings to her. She never says "yes " to me but I hold my feelings within me. And I still wait for the time that she will answer me.

She always told me, that " I have already a kid and you are still single and you can find someone that is the best and suit for you. I am worthy to be called your girlfriend coz I am a single mother. What will your friends say to you or your family?" And I explain to her, that I don't care if what they would say to me. As long as I like to be with you and I want to start a family with you. Please give me a chance to show you my feelings. And I am serious and I have good intentions for you. Please accept me in your life and I will accept you and your daughter too.

Time come that she will back here. And in our company where we were working, the lover is not allowed. So if you like someone or you had a relationship with your co-worker it is better that one will be resigning from her/his job and look for another job. And when she comes, we go to a plaza where a lot of lovers, a group of friends and family there to relax at sunset till midnight. So we were there, and I don't expect that she would answer me.

"Do you want the answer? " she asked me.

What answer, I replied. "Yes", she said. "Okay let's try this relationship if this will work or not," she told me.

What a good feeling to hear and I can't believe that time. Hahaha, I am excited. SO because of my surprise, I kiss her smock kiss only. hahaha

And then fireworks at the sky exploding and wowwww and there it is, the witnessed of our first kiss.

From now on, I work hard to double my earnings. I save every cent, and I don't even eat my snack just to save it. And I resign from that company and I apply to another company. I now have the love of my life and she is my inspiration. And this pandemic came, our company closed and we don't have work. And I am thankful because before the pandemic I already applied to a courier company for my part-time. I did my work there when I am off at my work. Then pandemic time, I turned my part-time to be full time. And because I earned more money at my parttime I resign at that present company in which I work as a technician. So I decided to work as a courier rider full time so that I can earn more. And because my girl had no work at that time I offer her to move in, to my apartment. I keep insisting on her, and I even make some excuses and reasons so that we'll be together. And at last, I win. And now were been together for almost a year. And planning to have our vows when everything will be alright.

_____________________ The end ______________________

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Thank you for reading this story of mine, hope you like it, and kindly hit thumbs up if you bet this story of mine. Stay safe everyone. and God bless.

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Written by   3
4 months ago
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That's really nice. I'm happy you got someone and you all are doing alright. I hope you get married soon and start your happliy ever after story

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4 months ago

Thank you @Veejou, we are just saving it now for our future.

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4 months ago