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Airdrop is currently well working for totally free, which means a good amount of monthly income can be done without any kind of investment or extra charges. Numerous online-centric peoples are  working on airdrops and they are earning more than $ 400-500 + dollars per month. Where the price of 1 dollar is between 85-95 BDT.

Sometimes the price of the tokens that earned in airdrops are more than that.It varies from person to person.

In previous night I got One $  instant payment by participating in a Airdrop.Actually it was eGLD token 0.135 eGLD means 1$.

It feels get when you get payments from airdrops.

I also got 1550 RLE token for just waiting 1 week.

I took it in two accounts one real and another was fake account.I had too send fee 1trx in airdrop admin to get the token.

I also get some BRG token eventually i also can earn more BRG token because this airdrop is still going on but price low.

So now let's talk about the details of how to work in the airdrop.

But before we can know what actually an Airdrop is, we must know that, what is the cryptocurrency? let's find out together what is cryptocurrency!


#What is the cryptocurrency?

The various currencies that is used in online markets are called cryptocurrencies. It is actually currency for online transactions.We can not touch it in reality like money but it has price.

Many of us have heard ofcryptocurrency. But almost 60% persons have no knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

Such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple,Bitcoincash, USD Coin, Uniswap etc. These are popular cryptocurrencies.

However, as there are many who have not heard or know the name of cryptocurrency before. I say something  more for them all. Cryptocurrency is the currency for making money online and also for doing various transactions over online such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc.

Are you guys Clear?
With this currency gateway we can take payment from different freelancing sites like USA surveys, etc or use it to buy different things or services like ip address of other countries.

Those who work online platforms with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. takes payments from various sites and uses these payments gateways to buy any service from online platforms.

■Now let's come to the main topic, 《Airdrop》.

Q: What is an airdrop?

Airdrop means a way in which every participants can earn a number of free crypto token. Almost every week and very now and then various kins of  cryptocurrency tokens are launching online and the participants gets airdrop or earns free crypto tokens by doing some social promotion of all those cryptocurrencies and some easy tasks. We can take money from all those airdrop tokens or newly launched cryptocurrencies by selling them on different exchange sites or to some buyers. In other words in development, we can also take it to the bank accounts.

Hopefully at some point I've been able to made you guys understood what actually cryptocurrencies and airdrops are.

¤ Those  people who havn't read the above words with focused mentality they might still have the same question like that,

Why would newly launched cryptocurrencies will give  us free tokens or dollars?

It actually helps them to become popular by getting socially promoted  their newly launched cryptocurrencies by the participants of the drop.It helps to make place in the big market of cryptocurrencies.

In details I can say that:
The main goal of the owner of theese newly launched cryptocurrencies is to promote their company or the currency.To build a good reputation of their currency or company on social media they makes airdrops. Because through this airdrop promotion they can deliver their currency or company tokens to the investors so that their tokens are sold at the online market at high rate and their token gets a great place in online cryptocurrencies. We build their currency or  company promotion or high reputation because our tasks in airdrop  is to follow them in twitter, subscribe to their company's on social accounts like Facebook, Media, Linkedin, Instagram etc and engage or promote on other social media.

Basically, they give us tokens of a certain amount for free by completing there tasks like: Like, Follow, Share,  Tweet, Retweet. Those people who works or participates in Airdrop are called Airdrop Workers.

■ How to join AirDrop or work?

If you guys want to join or work in CryptoCurrency Airdrops, you must have different social accounts and Crypto Wallets.

To take part in Airdrops will be required:

  • ▪1▪  An e-mail account

  • ▪2▪  A Facebook account  (If  necessary  made a fake account to follow common, occasionally share)

  • ▪3▪  A Twitter account from (Pinned post  Retweet and Follow Common)

  • ▪4▪  A telegram account (Channel and Group Join Common) These are meant to be followed.

  • Sometimes it is also said to follow some other social sites like LinkedIN, Instagram etc.

Our job is to help them become popular or making them and there tokens/company popular on social media by signing up for their company,  sharing, following their social accounts, subscribing.

We will also need an ERC-20 address from Trust Wallet account to receive tokens when airdrop distribution starts at the end of the Airdrop. It is really  important to remember that your Coinbase's etherium  address can never be used in airdrop for cryptocurrency tokens.

Use eth address from My ether wallet/Trust Wallet.

You can learn from videos on Youtube about how to make my ethar wallet or Trust Wallet . If you say so, I will make a video in my small channel.

■ Come let's Finish now !

When you  will get tokens / currency / dollars in your erc-20 wallet?

When the main sales of a cryptocurrency company ends, then they basically distribute tokens to the Airdrop workers. Since you join AirDrop, it basically takes  a few weeks to 2 months for tokens to arrive in your wallet.(completing mandatory tasks highly required)

New new cryptocurrency projects and companies are launched  almost every day.

■ Remember that :
There are many real Airdrops but not all the  cryptocurrency companies make token or currency payments because there are some fake companies too among them. So we have to join and follow all the airdrops. No one can say exactly which airdrop token to give.But some company gives at least 3 drops in a month you can join them without any hesitation.

Cryptocurrency can be earned for free by joining regular airdrop.But some real drops also takes fees like 1Trx.

You can join my telegram channel to get real Airdrops.

Here is my channel link:

I make real airdrop posts without proof.

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Thanks for reading this huge Article.stay connected.

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I don't ever work in airdrop.Now i am also interested to work in airdrop.

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3 years ago

Nice this one....very helpful

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3 years ago

I have stopped for a long time doing airdrop!

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3 years ago

Why did you stopped?

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3 years ago

Waste of time and too much crap on airdrops.

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3 years ago

Yeah you are right. But I don't have another way to earn money online. As I lost almost 23$ by dealing with fraud person. which I earned from I have to earn that money again to recover the loss and I will leave online earning then.And Thank you so much for your sponsorship. Your amount is Biggest sponsorship I ever got from readcash sponsorship. Thanks from my heart.

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My pleasure. :)

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3 years ago

Wow so nice article vaiya apnar article gulo borabor e valo hoi. Ei article tao valo laglo. Thank you so much vaiya amader maje ei site ta somporke discussion korar jonno. R o valo hoito jodi ektu sikhai diten vaiya kmne ei site a kaj kore ami to janina so janar icca hocce.

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3 years ago

Telegram app theke bivinno airdrop a kaj kora hoy ei r ki

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3 years ago

personally i dont like airdrops, too many them have on market and most of them dont have any value,

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3 years ago

But some of them really pay instant .as i showed you in the picture i got 1$ instantly by doing easy steps

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3 years ago

yes i agree, but look this from different angle, for example you have on daily bases about 10 airdrop, every give something free but you need ether for gas to move this token on your wallet, after that, maybe one of this 10 have some value so one of ten if we have luck, so we spend our time end money to collect something, and meanwhile we dont work on real site who give real money

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3 years ago

Yeah you are right

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3 years ago