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1 month challenge: food version

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2 months ago

I found a one month challenge from Facebook earlier this afternoon and I want to try it. Even though there's no one challenging me πŸ˜πŸ˜….

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Hi dear sponsor. I hope you're doing great. Happy to see you here in this little corner of mine. Thank you for your sponsorship. God bless.

It's been two days since I just stayed home and having my body to recover my cold and almost cough. It feel better than yesterday though even if I have cough sometime within the day. I just drink lots of water with some cucumber. Nahh, don't asks me what is it for, I just have plenty of cucumber in the backyard and I don't have anything in mind to do with them. Lol.

Let's continue with what I have for today, so I found this 1 month challenge on Facebook as I scroll my feed. It's about food intake and I was reminded that I stop my healthy lifestyle since last year. And I am actually gaining some extra weight. Last time I check I am 52 kilograms and my belly is also growing. I am pretty much aware of everything but I am not guilty because I really enjoyed what I eat. I love food but I don't still have good relationship with food. Many times I over eat and tend to crave unhealthy foods like junk food and sweets stuff such as cookies and chocolates. So when I see the posts I immediately reminded of how unhealthy I am for the past 7 months. So I challenge myself with this.

For one month

1. No white bread

White bread is compose of lots of carbohydrates and have more calories than actual white rice since it's a processed carbohydrates.

This will be a huge thing for me because I really love bread. Though I actually done this no white bread before but not for straight whole month. I ate white bread but with moderation of course. And not everytime I want. So, good luck to me haha.

2.No soda

1 liter of soda according to mayo clinic is compose of 6 spoonful of sugar. So it's not really good for the health especially to those with diabetic. It's not healthy to consume this product everyday.

Well, I have no issue with this soda thing cause I cut off my soda intake 100% the last time I had my diet. It's not a hard time experience since i don't think I can handle the idea of six spoonful per 1 liter. I can't imagine how I will be many years later.

3.No fried

Oil if consumed or used too much isn't good for our health. I guess, everything that is too much applied to the rule "too much of everything can kill you" not just love.

I think I couldn't avoid this 100% because we tend to use oil 50% of our cookings in the house. But consuming less I can garantee. If I can remember, I use to boiled the egg and the other vegetables before for me to skip consuming food with oil. I know I could some days but I can't assure that I can the whole month though.

4.No fast food

Fast food contain lots of calories. And is not healthy for us to be consume daily. It is much better to prepare meal ahead of time if you think you can't cook every meal.

I think I don't have hard time with this challenge since we don't live in the city and I don't buy much fast food unless it's Jollibee πŸ˜…πŸ˜. And it's once in a blue moon opportunity cause we don't have Jollibee in the town. Plus, burgers and any fast food here in my place cost so much so I don't have the luxury to buy. Easy piecy 😁.

5.No fries or chips

Aside from it's fried from deep oil it also has lots of calories.

I eat fries yes, but not cravings or favorite no. Chips maybe like junk food chips, oh that's my weakness. And last time i had really hard time to cut it off fully. I do have cheat days with chips. Sometimes though I do find some alternatives like potatoes and banana and I cooked it at home just to cut the cravings. So I hope this time, I could cut it off fully. 🀞

6.No icecream

Ice cream is 100% sugar. And I don't like sugar much but chocolate yes. I can hold myself for this portion here. I could live without ice cream for a year hehe. Off course don't try to tempt me cause I will still eat one scope just to kill the temptation.

7.No candy

Sure I could. I already done for this no candy challenge. I think if I remember I don't eat candy a lot and I even fully cut off the last time I had my diet. So, yes for this 100%. Even it could mean no candy for the rest of my life πŸ˜‚πŸ˜.

8.No cakes or donuts

Hmm? I think I could resist donuts but not cakes. Just small bites will do. But I can't promise I could cut off. What if I am invited during birthday celebration or any party that has cake? Just small bites pleaseeee. πŸ₯Ί

9.No cookie

Sure. No cookie for the whole month. I could take it. I love cookies yes but since it asks me to cut cookie then I will. No buts no ifs, I will cut. Thank you.

So, for my first day today. I cut my rice fully. I have oatmeal and banana for the breakfast. I had banana and cucumber for lunch. And sorry I cheat, I ate white bread since mama brought one from town. You know as what I have said earlier I am a bread person, I couldn't fully cut bread in my life. And last for the dinner, I had bitter gourd, banana and cucumber. Sorry if I don't have photos because I don't think I will be writing or include it in this article. My apologies but I will next time. And by the way I cheat as will for no chips cause I bought chips in the store earlier, junk food chips πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­.

So I had three lapses since my bitter gourd was cooked with oil though I lessen the consumption cause as what I have said earlier we consume 50% oil in the kitchen. I had my white bread and last I ate chips. Anyways so much about the lapses it's my first day and I know I can't do it perfectly for the first try. So I will try my best to avoid those lapses next time.

These 1 month challenge is actually very good to try. It doesn't say eat less or be in the diet but just challenges me to not consume those certain foods. I just incorporate it with my healthy diet now since I started my no rice routine. Wish me luck for this challenge. I will give you update from time to time. Thank you so much for reading. That's all for today. God bless everyone.

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Written by Β Β 192
2 months ago
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Parang diko Kaya to sis haha

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User's avatar Yen
2 months ago

This is why we can't start or try the keto diet lol everything we want is like that list. I can't live without. 🀣 Di ko kaya walang fried at chips sa bahay.

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2 months ago

Wow, tuloy mo lang yan mamsh I'm sure maachieve mo yung body na gusto mo. Ako mamsh kumakain ako ng ice cream ngayon. πŸ˜…

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2 months ago

Goodluck to that challenge, once in my life before I able to pull something about my plans but it doesn't lasted for a month, I always cheat lol

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2 months ago