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Why Excessive Worrying Can Harm Your Health and How to Manage it

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2 months ago

How often do you find yourself worrying about how others see you? Do you worry about other aspects of your life like your relationships, your health, your career, or whether you can afford to make that next car payment? Or are you the type of person who worries about what others think of you? 

To be honest, it's only human to worry and of course, there is that desire to fit in among others, to be accepted and feel loved. Yet that worry can also be the result of unrealistic expectations that have been there for years.

Worrying also hits the hardest when you have been diagnosed with a mental health disease like ADHD, which can also affect your self-esteem, making you more vulnerable to caring what others think. And while It's not always a major concern to be worried about how others see you, it can be a problem when it takes control of your life. 

When you start to compare yourself to others and worry to the point it causes you unnecessary stress, maybe it's time to re-evaluate their role in your life. Are they someone who couldn't care less if they're in your life? Or do they value your relationship? 

If you are at the point where you are miserable in your life because you worry about how that person sees you, take a break from them and see how it makes you feel. 

When you're miserable it affects every aspect of your life, including work. When you're not happy, your productivity is rarely at its best. 

When you're happy, not only does it contribute to both your mental and physical health, it also creates a positive environment at work, which often results in better productivity

Of course, you could put on a fake smile, continue to worry about the opinion of others, and feel downright miserable, but you deserve better. 

Achieving happiness isn't an overnight success story, however. It's a never-ending learning process that will take work. You'll have to accept that not every day in your life will be a happy one. There will be moments when you will have to find a solution to handle an unwanted opinion and move forward. 

Remember just because you were diagnosed with ADHD it doesn't mean you can't manage your symptoms. It simply means you must learn how to manage them by focusing on your strengths and what works for you and not everyone else. 

Decide what makes you happy and make it a goal! Write a detailed description of how being happy will feel and how it will affect your life. What steps will you need to take to get there? Break down each of those steps to make them attainable. 

Then, follow through with your goal, even if you are left standing on your own.  Taking care of your mental health is never an excuse or as simple as just getting over your symptoms. Don't worry about what others believe is correct.

Instead find support through counseling, apps, social media groups, and websites that focus on mental health and ADHD. Having a positive support system can help you through a bad day and offer strategies you may not have considered before. 

Finally, keep yourself in check. Don't engage in negative talk even when it's coming from inside your head. If you are worried about what someone thinks of you, and you're overwhelmed with negative emotions, visualize a positive reaction. Focus on what you want others to notice about you instead of what you think they see. 

Skip the worry and find your happy moments.  You and only you have the power to choose a different path in life. 

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Written by   82
2 months ago
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It is true that worry is not good for the body, I just thought of something, relaxing the mind won't be necessary if they is no worry. 😂

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