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The Negative Effects of Dehydration on ADHD

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10 months ago

One of the biggest reasons I chose to drink more herbal teas and water is because of my ADHD. And if you weren't already well aware of it, Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dehydration do not go hand in hand. Dehydration causes my ADHD symptoms to go into full effect, I can only imagine what they are doing to yours. 

Dehydration Causes:

  • Brain Fog - a major player with ADHD patients and even those who don't suffer from mental health diagnosis.

    Brain Fog Can Cause:

  • forgetfulness

  • difficulty in concentration

  • thinking

I know growing up, I never drank the soda that my parents tried every chance to offer me at lunch and dinner meals. I was never a fan of the taste, and still, avoid it to this day. But as much as soda wasn't a factor in my life, neither was water. I would drink it but would drink black tea more often than anything. 

I would notice problems like a lack of focus in my studies at school and my dry skin becoming a severe constant battle, even during the summertime. Little did I know I had ADHD at that time or that my lack of fluids was affecting it. 

After I was diagnosed with Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), things became so much clearer for me, but I still wasn't drinking enough water to keep my body from dehydrating and my brain from questioning every little thing I did and then forgetting about it.

And believe me, I tried. I even tried one of those drink more water apps, only to find myself deleting it after a few weeks because I grew tired of the popups reminding me like an overbearing parent to drink more water. 

It wasn't until the Covid pandemic that I realized I needed a huge improvement in my health, not only physically, but mentally. With that in mind, I started investing in more herbal teas and stopped drinking black leaf teas. 

One of my biggest reasons I stopped drinking black teas was because the acidic content in the tea leaves was a huge no-no for my IC disease. 

Instead of reaching for a caffeinated beverage I:

  • Reached for a glass of herbal tea

  • Traded my cup of morning coffee for herbal tea.

  • Filled my water bottle with water

My biggest challenge,  was when I chose to make the move to working full-time from home. Once I was working from home, I wasn't as active as I was at my old job.

Then, one night I found myself intrigued with Dewayne Johnson's reality show, "The Titan Games." I started watching women my age and even older compete and thought, "Hey, that could be me!" 

So I suddenly found myself strength training and loved it! I was thrilled that I could bench and curl just as much weight as my partner.

 Once I started strength training, I started drinking more water and even more herbal tea! I would get up in the morning and drink water from my water bottle that I keep beside my bed every night. Then I would make my breakfast and a cup of herbal tea. 

I was even researching herbs to help with my mental health disease and discovered that Rosemary could help aid in my focus and it could be made into a tea! A win-win situation in my book and duly noted as I sit here drinking my Rosemary herbal tea

One of the most essential bits of wisdom that I have learned is that keeping my water bottle on my nightstand allows me to hydrate with water before bed and in the morning. 

I have also learned that keeping a pitcher in the refrigerator filled with herbal tea is a must so that I don't have an excuse not to refill my mug or cup. I have even somehow managed to get my youngest son who has autism, to start drinking herbal tea and more water. 

It also helps when you have a mug, cup, or water bottle that you love to drink from! My current favorite is my crystal skull glass mug that I purchased from Walmart in their Halloween aisle for less than $3. I bought my son one in the darker holographic colors, that he loves and has replaced his older water bottle with. 

But no matter what you choose to drink out of, remember to refill it often with water or herbal tea. 

Yes, you could refill it with juice, soda, or coffee with sweetener, but you are only dehydrating yourself and that's not our goal, is it?

Water in its truest form is always best, but without the flavors, the sweeteners, and even that sparkling taste. I know that water can be plain and boring, I get it, I understand. So if you must, add a slice of lemon or lime, or whatever fruit you happen to have on hand. 

I've been known to add a slice of lemon or lime, even orange to lukewarm water for an early morning quencher, but the acid in those fruits don't always agree with my IC disease, so I have started making herbal teas as an alternative to water. 

If water isn't an option, try investing in an all-natural nutritional drink like RISE from Mantra Labs to hydrate. Not only are you rehydrating your body, but you're also giving it herbs, vitamins, and nutrients you may be missing in your mental health care routine.  

Just keep it simple and you will be well on your way to improving your mental health while hydrating your body with the very best. 




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Written by   79
10 months ago
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You know about 50-100 years ago people hardly drank and they were not dehydrated. The question is why we suddenly all are even if we drink 4 litres of water a day. How can this be? For sure it has to do with the food we consume (a huge change) but there's way more like the increasing amount of medication which you find back in drinking water, me a milk, etc too and all those chemicals we consume. I am dehydrated and it's only getting worse no matter how much water I drink. I pee it out but my body doesn't take it. Btw I have Sögren disease by now too and nothing helps.

Too much drinking is not good. That's a myth. Why not? Because it damages your kidneys they need to work harder, extra. Kidneys are not a sieve.

My parents never gave us something to drink during meals. It's bad for the digestion and soda's are unhealthy mainly sugar.

What did we drink through the day? Tea at breakfast and 3:40 p.m (one cup not a mug or two). At 10 a.m. and 7 p.m., it was "coffee time". Might be the adults drank a second cup but not we children. On Sundays, we had a glass of juice. This is it. What we did have it dinner at noon with three courses. The starter was always soup and dessert was in most cases yoghurt or some custard. Vegetables are 1/3 of the plate and potatoes or rice 1/3 too.

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10 months ago