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The Benefits of CBD Oil

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1 year ago

In 2020 I took a big leap and joined a company that focused on promoting CBD products. I already had some knowledge about CBD because I had used it prior for pain and anxiety. And those who know me well, also know that I also deal with ADHD daily. 

I was skeptical when I'd first learned about CBD because I was told not only would it help with my anxiety and pain, it was also beneficial for focus! I was all for it because I'm all about natural health and needed something to help with my focus. I was told, "Oh, yes it will help with focus!" So I foolishly believed those who were just out to make a profit any way they could and tried it for focus.

When I realized the CBD oil I had purchased wasn't working for my focus, I felt used. I was angry and decided CBD products were a waste of my hard-earned money! I never realized at that time that the CBD was working, just not for what I thought it would. Instead, I focused on what the CBD didn't do and I never did much research to understand its benefits. 

Well, when I had the opportunity to join a company that had extensive knowledge about CBD from a dear friend and family member of mine, I decided to take that leap and become a part of the company. 

Eventually, I learned that despite the excellent quality of the company's CBD products, the third-party prices were not worth putting my customers in debt! 

Yes the quality of the CBD was great, but the price was outrageous and if you did not make their quota of product sales per month, you were let go. It was just not a good fit for me because I care about my clients, my customers. It bothered me too much that I was asking them to pay the prices the company expected, so I left. 

Then, a few months ago I decided to look into CBD again as more of a relaxation approach for my anxiety rather than the ADHD trait it wasn't meant to help. 

I learned to use the CBD as it was meant for and it worked. That peppermint grassy tasting oil helped keep my anxiety under control. It even helped keep my arthritis pain manageable. And the best part about it was, the quality was still top-notch, yet the price was reasonable! 

I took my CBD oil drops once a day and felt calmer than I had ever felt before, so much in fact that I found myself able to focus!

I also loved the fact that this was a natural weed derived from mother nature. I have ADHD and was recently diagnosed with arthritis, so CBD is an incredible blessing for me. 

Doctors have prescribed medications for my ADHD, arthritis, and other health-related problems over the years that have caused some scary side effects for me. Although I will use a prescribed medication if I know the side effects are not scary and there is no other option, I would much rather use a natural remedy if I can. 

When I do choose to use a natural approach to my mental and physical health, I try to create my own. Yet I also know that it's not always a  possibility like when it comes to CBD. When I must use a product that I'm not making myself, I always look for the best without the high cost. 

I'm a mother and grandmother, so a budget is a must! I understand what it is like to want high quality, but not having to stress about the price that often comes with it. I found that perfect CBD product. You can get their peppermint blend HERE

CBD oil can be beneficial for several symptoms you may be experiencing such as:

Pain - CBD oil has been known to help reduce arthritis and other pain symptoms without the scary side effects that prescription medications can cause. In fact, for most users, CBD had no side effects. 

Anxiety - CBD oil may help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and stress. My own experience with using CBD oil for anxiety has been tremendous. Not only did I notice that I was calmer, but I also found myself able to focus a little easier when I took it regularly. 

Sleep - When I took my CBD oil before bed, I found that my sleep had improved and I woke up without that groggy feeling that over-the-counter sleep aids often cause. I felt refreshed rather than drowsy the next morning. 

While CBD is natural, there may be some concern as to whether it is legal. Many states including mine have approved CBD products as long as they do not contain the THC found in the marijuana plant. They should be derived from Hemp and not the marijuana plant that contains the psychoactive ingredient known as THC. 

Keep in mind when purchasing CBD that not all are created equal. Just because it says CBD does not mean THC levels are above the legal amount allowed by your state, so always do your research if you decide to choose another quality brand of CBD oil. 

Or if you are interested in trying the CBD oil I exclusively use by R&R Medicinals, you can get it HERE

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Written by   83
1 year ago
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