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Keeping Deer Out of Your Yard

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11 months ago
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Deer can be beautiful creatures to observe until they become a nuisance in your yard. Deer enjoy nibbling on perennial plants and young trees, but when they travel together hunting for food, they will consume just about everything they see. Over the years the increased population of these animals has grown so much that they have been seen visiting small rural towns where food is not as limited. 

One of the easiest, but most expensive solutions in preventing deer from damaging your landscape or garden is by installing a fence that is at least 10 feet high. 

Deer also do not like tight spaces, so placing small fences that are tightly spaced around your garden may help. 

Using row covers or netting when new growth of plants, shrubs, and trees is just visible. 

Small wire cages placed around new plant growth can discourage deer from deciding their next meal is in your garden. 

A motion sensor sprinkler system for your landscape and garden can discourage deer from entering your yard. 

Some repellents can be purchased to repel deer using scent and other techniques, but are not permanent and will need to be reapplied every deer season. 


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