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How to Get Things Done When You're Overwhelmed 

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Every day life is stressful enough as it is when you have ADHD. Throw in a to-do list and things are bound to become overwhelming to the point that you put it off for another day. 

Instead of procrastinating on the things you know you need to get done, try getting focused with these 7 strategies:

1: Take Advantage of Your Smartphone - Instead of stashing notes all over your office or home, try texting yourself messages to keep all of those important notes in one place. 

ADHD and Smartphones

You can also use the voice recorder app on your smartphone to gather your thoughts for future use. 

You can also browse your smartphone's app store where you will find a variety of note taking solutions to suit your specific needs.  

2: Complete a Task On Your To-Do List First - Before you tackle a new project, finish any tasks you haven't completed already. 

Completing even a small task can give you the motivation to get through your day and that next big project that you've been procrastinating about. 

ADHD and Your To-Do List

3: Schedule it On Your Calendar - Using a calendar to assign the tasks on your to-do list allows you to see what needs to be done on a day to day basis. 

You can even assign each of your tasks a specific time slot, so that you stand a better chance of completing them. 

Your Calendar and ADHD

4: Organize Your Office Area - If your desk is a cluttered mess, it can make you feel overwhelmed when you have ADHD. 

Clear the clutter, one small section at a time. It doesn't matter where you begun, just as long as you are getting it organized and getting it done. 

Clutter and ADHD

5: Change Your View Often - People with ADHD are often more productive when they focus on their tasks in different places. 

You can take advantage of a beautiful day by working on a task or two outdoors. Or if you need a little quiet time to do some writing, head to your local library or even the park. 

ADHD and Your View

It really doesn't  matter where you check off your to-do list, just as long as its a place or two that allows you to focus on your tasks. 

6: Check in With a Family Member or Friend -  When you can't seem to find the motivation to get things done, check in with a family member or close friend who will cheer you on to your next completed project. 

Or, join a social media group for ADHD and create a post about your intentions for the day. Chances are, you're not the only one tackling a dreaded chore or project on your to-do list. Just remember to take a moment to support others who are struggling with their own tasks or you may find yourself all alone at the end of your day. 

ADHD Support

7: Worry Less - Worrying is one of the most common symptoms of ADHD. It's also one of the biggest reasons those with ADHD feel overwhelmed when it comes to that dreaded to-do list. 

ADHD and Worrying

Instead of worrying over every little thing that needs to get done, start with the task that worries you the most. Once it's accomplished, move on to the next task that has you worried,  and repeat.  

Even if you can only manage to check off one item on your to-do list a day, you'll be less likely to feel overwhelmed since you've already completed those tasks that had you worried the most. 

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Written by   82
1 month ago
Topics: Work, Goals, Tasks, ADHD, Mental, ...
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