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How Sam Winchester Saved My Life

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8 months ago

I never thought in a million years,  I would be a fan of the television show Supernatural. And then the brothers hit me without warning and I fell in love, specifically with Sam Winchester's character. So when actor Jared Padalecki shared his story as a co-founder for Mantra Labs, a company that produces nutritional drink supplements for mental health, I was intrigued, and when I applied to become a part of his Mantra Labs team? Well to be quite honest, I never thought I would be accepted. So when I got that email from Jared and his team, well let's just say I was like a kid seeing a candy store for the very first time. 

It has been such an honor to be a part of Mantra Labs because mental health hits home for me. I have ADHD and my youngest son is Autistic. Not to mention that my middle child suffers from depression, who ironically is also a Supernatural fan. And then of course there's that sudden realization that not only am I sharing mental health awareness and goodness to the world, I'm also a part of something big right alongside, actor Jared Padelecki. I almost feel like I am a part of Sam Winchester's life. Ha! 

In all seriousness, taking care of my health has been my number one priority recently. I try to avoid chemicals and processed foods whenever possible by living a natural lifestyle. There are days, however, when I do want to throw in the towel because that breakfast burrito with a side of hash browns just tastes a whole heck of a lot better than the veggie omelet. Not to mention, a lot more convenient. And let me tell you I am all about convenience.

But convenience isn't always so great when you are eating processed crap that in the end isn't going to help your health. Still, who can blame a girl for wanting something that tastes great? We can't always have both, but when there is that chance like with Mantra Labs Nutritional drinks, I'm taking it! Not only do they taste great, but they are beneficial to our mental health.

  • Brain Power? It's got it!

  • Boost of Energy? Yes please!

  • Relaxation when you need it! Uh-huh!

  • Plant-Based? Always!

Support Mental Awareness with every purchase? YES!!!!

And that is just one of the many wonderful reasons to become a part of Mantra Labs.

They support helpful mental services like:

CRISIS TEXT LINE -A free 24/7 support line through texting. If you are in a mental crisis you can text HOME to 741741 to connect with a counselor who is trained to help. 

Of course, Mantra Labs also provides great nutritional drinks like:

RISE - A fantastic energy nutritional boost of citrus-coconut to help start your day. RISE can not only give you the energy you need in the mornings, it can help you focus and provide endurance when you need it the most. RISE can be added to your favorite herbal tea, smoothie, or water. Worried about calories and caffeine? You won't find it with RISE. RISE has 0 sugars, 0 calories, and is caffeine-free! Best of all, it is all-natural!

GO - Got a long day ahead? GO is a mid-day boost Tropical Berry energy drink that gives you 100mg of natural caffeine from green tea leaves with a hint of organic sweetness. Mix GO with water or your favorite herbal tea or smoothie. 

REST- Sleep is essential and REST is an exceptional Lemon and Chamomile drink that helps you relax and fall asleep. Mix with water or your favorite herbal tea.

REST contains ingredients like:


Plus there are 0 calories, 0 sugars, and the best part about REST is, you won't wake up feeling groggy! 

P.S. What's my favorite? I'm honestly a RISE fan. I've been attempting to ditch my morning coffee routine and this is it! RISE just like Sam, stole my heart in the beginning and I will always be forever grateful. 

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Written by   79
8 months ago
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You know what I'm also a big fan of supernatural, I've already watched from season 1 to season 12. Every night I've waiting for a new episode pop-up on 0ur television then I'll set at sofa and enjoy watching. I'm so blessed that I found a fan of supernatural here. I'm also amazed that Sam Winchester, Jared Padalecki in real life is making a way to defeat the mental health problems . 😃 🙂 😺 THAT WAS GREAT I hope the Team will get successful to help people with mental health issues.

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8 months ago