Fatigue and ADHD

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2 years ago

Fatigue is often one of the most common complaints associated with ADHD. I have often experienced it, especially lately with the removal of CAFFIENE from my diet. Last night, I crashed at 8pm a sign that told me this battle with fatigue is far from over. Yet a battle I know I'm not fighting alone. 

For most of us with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) that drained feeling is often brushed off as a physically exhausting day at work or a restless night in bed. 

Yet that fatigue could simply be telling you that another of your ADHD SYMPTOMS is merely rearing the not so great side of things once again. 

It often leaves you feeling like a hot mess or your boss solely relied on you to get the job done when in fact you barely moved a muscle all day. 

So exactly why is your ADHD making you so darn exhausted you may be wondering. There are several possible reasons:

If you have the hyperactive side of ADHD, you may experience fatigue due to becoming so focused on a project or your work that you forget to eat or take a much-needed break to recharge your body and mind. 

If insomnia is a symptom you often experience, it may be draining you during your waking hours as well. Getting a good night's sleep, which isn't as easy as just closing your eyes when you have ADHD is crucial to preventing fatigue. 

Oftentimes, anxiety can be a problem for many of us with ADHD, including myself. When we are stressing out our body will at some point say no more and start shutting down from exhaustion. 

That ADHD medication or any prescription med for that matter may be the culprit that is making you feel extremely tired. Even if the drug is doing its job, it can still have side effects that can wear us down. 

Just as there are many reasons why your ADHD may be kicking your rear end, you will most likely find that your solution to battling fatigue will be different from everyone else's. 

There are a few simple strategies, however, that might be worth checking out: 

Take a break and relax -

One of the biggest problems I have when it comes to loving my job and ADHD is that I forget to take a break! Yes, I sometimes will find myself taking a 5-minute break, but then that excitement of doing what I love takes over and I'm right back to focusing on my passions. While it's a wonderful feeling to be focused, it's also important to recharge for a day or two as hard as it is to do! 

Get a good night's sleep -

Get blackout curtains to block the light if you are a night owl, turn off all screens an hour before bedtime and settle down with a book if you need to. Limit your caffeine intake to mornings only, turn down the thermostat to 68 and make your bedtime around the same time every night. 

Get a workout in during the day -

Working out for 15 minutes or even a quick walk around the block can give you a fantastic boost of energy that may get you out of that midday slump. 

Most importantly, when it comes to winning the battle against fatigue, do what works for you. Only you know your body the best, so use that knowledge to your advantage to finding the best solution for your ADHD symptoms. 


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