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7 of the Best Anti-inflammatory Foods For Your Arthritis

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1 year ago
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For those who have arthritis, reducing inflammation in your joints and body is just as important as exercise.  

It also means kicking a lot of those processed foods out of your life. I know that may sound scary at the expense of fresh fruits and vegetables, but it's not.

When I was diagnosed with arthritis in my hands several years ago, I was honestly not surprised. You see, I had already suspected I had arthritis because my mother had it in her hands and of course in my mind, I assumed that it was hereditary. 

As it turned out, that was not the case. Yes, indeed I had arthritis, but the cause was not hereditary, it was due to broken bones, injuries that happened at work while under the management of an RN, for that matter. 

So what happened? 

Long story short, two hundred pounds of weight dropped on my hands, and the mistake of trusting my employer after the injury happened. After almost a year of realizing that the injury was not nothing, I made an appointment with my doctor only to learn the truth. I had broken bones that healed Improperly and as a result, permanent arthritis. Ugh! Lesson learned! 

Once I knew exactly the type of arthritis I was dealing with, I started changing my diet to keep my hands from flare-ups and reduce pain. I was never a fan of medications because of the rare side effects I had experienced so many times in the past from the chemicals, so I knew my only option was Changing My Diet

Changing my diet, however, meant real foods! It meant fresh fruits and vegetables that our local grocery store didn't offer at a reasonable price compared to a processed frozen dinner and I was on a budget. 

So I started shopping at my local farmer's market during the summer and our local discounted produce and groceries store for fresh vegetables. 

The biggest way I have found to save money on fresh produce is by looking for discounted sales. Just because the produce is reduced in price, does not mean it is rotten food. It simply means it will need to be used within the next few days or frozen for future meals.

I have managed to save hundreds of dollars using this method. Once I was able to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables cheaper, I was able to incorporate the following 7 anti-inflammatory foods into my diet. 


Oh avocado how I love thee, let me count the ways. First of all, you my dear avocado, are a good source of one of the good fats that won't clog your arteries and put you into cardiac arrest. Second, not only are avocados full of monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, fiber, and carotenoids that work to soothe my arthritic inflammation, they also help to maintain a healthy weight! A win-win situation in my book. 


Let's be honest with each other, we already know that beans can give you that unavoidable situation known as gas, but they are also beneficial because they are an excellent source of fiber and protein, and digest slowly as a carbohydrate. Black beans, chickpeas, lentils, navy beans, and peas are just a few of the beans that are worth trying. Use them to replace the processed starches to prevent inflammation flare-ups. 


My love for strawberries I should thank my mother for. But it's not just strawberries that contain antioxidants that may help reduce and even prevent future inflammatory flare-ups. Blueberries have also been known to provide some fantastic benefits for arthritis and our health when consumed regularly. Make sure you are skipping the unnecessary sweeteners like sugar that we as a society tend to douse them in. Berries ladies and gentlemen are sweet enough as it is. 

Broccoli and Cauliflower 

I love using broccoli and cauliflower in place of pasta and rice dishes, and both are beneficial for inflammation flare-ups because of the various plant compounds they contain. 

In addition, frozen cauliflower and broccoli are reasonable at most grocery stores, just make sure you purchase it without other added ingredients! 

Fresh or frozen, both cauliflower and broccoli can be used in a variety of dishes, as a soup or sauce, or on their own. 

Citrus Fruit

Fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines are a fantastic source of soluble fiber and play an important role in preventing inflammation from arthritis because of their wealth in antioxidants. 


While garlic may ward off those vampires in the television show, "Supernatural," they offer the benefit of reducing the effects of inflammation and provide flavor to many dishes that would otherwise taste plain and boring! As a matter of fact, garlic has been used medically for years in other cultures for its anti-inflammatory properties. Time to turn those vampire warding benefits into a flavorful meal, boys! 

Leafy Greens

Let's face it, you either loved or hated Popeye and his spinach-eating ways as a kid. And while we all know we won't get those magical big arms and strength to save the day, Popeye really did know his stuff when it comes to that leafy green! Vegetables like arugula, kale, and spinach provide nutritional bonuses like fiber, iron, and vitamins A and C that can help reduce the inflammation in your arthritis. 

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Written by   83
1 year ago
Topics: Diet, Foods, Arthritis, Health, Success, ...
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