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5 Ways to Keep Yourself In Check During the Holidays

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2 months ago

The Holidays are quickly approaching and what better way to keep yourself in check  by: 

Changing Your  Frame of Mind - Don't beat yourself up if you indulge in a slice of pie for Thanksgiving or you find yourself ho-hum about the Holidays. 

 Many of us are right there with you and despite our setbacks, we are only human! Forgive yourself instead of putting yourself down for what does or doesn't feel right at the moment. 

Now that's not to say it should be a moment that doesn't change because you so deserve to have the life you want and to be focused on your health! 

Ultimately the choice is yours, but know that I'm behind you 100 percent. Now, If you're still with me, make a note of what your goals are in life and focus on them, one positive step at a time. 

Listening to Your Body - If it's one thing I have learned as I have grown older, it's that you have to be willing to listen to your body if you want to feel your absolute best both physically and mentally. 

Instead of focusing on what you know is bad for your body, focus on what you know is better for your health. Bring your own dessert to your family's Christmas dinner so that you can control what goes into your body. Yes, it is possible to create a holiday treat that isn't processed and is good for you. Create recipes that focus on real foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and lean uncured meats. 

Holiday get-togethers don't have to make you feel like you can't enjoy food. Just enjoy them in a healthy and natural way that isn't processed. 

Growing in Knowledge - At the start of the pandemic, I was introduced to an alternative online library app, that I have grown fond of. It has provided me with a way to read more books on everything from  ADHD to social media marketing. More recently I've been checking out ebooks on topics like working from home to help me achieve my goals. 

Read a self-improvement book, listen to a work-from-home podcast or take an online affiliate marketing class if it helps get you one step closer to your goals. 

Move Your Body - If it's one thing that I have learned as I've gotten older, it's that my body doesn't move as fast as it did when I was young. Aches and pains I feel daily and I don't bounce back as easily. I also find myself more fatigued due to the hormonal changes of perimenopause and my ADHD. So I have vowed to get up and move every day, no excuses. I use my elliptical machine or my home gym 3 to 4 times a week. When the weather is nice I'll go for a walk with my youngest son. 

For me, working out gives me a boost of energy that allows me to get through the rest of my day. 

But I also understand that not everyone can find the time to work out.  Even if you don't think you can get a workout in, there is always a way to move your body. For example, you could climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator, walk to your neighborhood store instead of driving or walk your dog more often. It doesn't matter what you do as long as you move your body. 

Take Control Of Your Life - Don't let setbacks be in charge of you or your goals. If you are the one holding you back through your thoughts and beliefs, take action and change them. And you can't tell the world that you're going to change and expect it to happen. You have to take control of your life and make it happen. You have to make the first move and keep moving. Find the good, even in the worst moments. But most importantly, keep moving forward! 

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Written by   82
2 months ago
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Thanks for sharing this one Ma'am. This will surely help me a lot, especially that I am not good in taking care of myself. Haha... And especially about my body or health.. Aigoo! I really had a problem with it.. I am not fond of doing work outs too, that's why I easily gain weight..

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2 months ago