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4 Reasons Why You're Always Fatigued

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Nearly every day I'm aware that my energy isn't always up to par. I know how important it can be and try to keep it in check.  Yet, I know that there will always be days when my fatigue, a symptom associated with ADHD will leave me completely drained.  

If it's one thing I have  learned in my later years, it's that energy is essential, especially with those of us with ADHD! 

ADHD and Fatigue

If I had more energy I would have every task on my to-do list knocked out!! What would you do if you had more energy? Would you do like I did and finish a project you have been putting off for months? Or would you use it in some other way? 

For those of us with ADHD,  we spend most of our time each day just trying to find the energy we need to make it through the day. Yet with every move we make it literally drains us of energy. And while those moves may be minor, they add up and by the end of your work day, you are exhausted to the point of being done! Any activity we had on our to-do list, we are not going to do! 

Yet, here's the thing, when we are focused we have more energy! We tend to avoid the things that threaten to drain our energy and just focus! It's a fantastic feeling, but does require discipline! 

The most common energy zappers are:

Processed Foods - I get that you are sick and tired of hearing about processed foods being the bad guy. But truthfully, most processed foods contain sugars that your body cannot digest properly. That processed breakfast cereal may give you a  boost of energy for a short while, but it will also leave you feeling drained and starving for real nutrition before your lunch break! 

ADHD and Processed foods

To keep your energy level in check, try incorporating extra protein into your diet. Protein is essential for sustained energy, allowing you to power through your day and focus on your work. 

Multitasking - When you have ADHD, one of the most common symptoms is multitasking. Our brains get bored quickly, so we often find ourselves moving on to another task.

Unfortunately, when you multitask, you are also wasting energy because you have to re-focus every time you switch tasks. 

ADHD and Multitasking

Instead of wasting your energy on multitasking, make a to-do list and pick one small task that can be completed in 5 minutes or less. Then move on to the next task, and repeat. Focusing on one task allows you to keep moving forward without wasting energy.  

Your To-Do List - Having a to-do list helps keep your ADHD mind focused and on task, but if yours is so long that you've  barely put a dent in it by the end of your day, you'll feel your energy plummet from the mere thought of what you didn't accomplish. 

ADHD and To-do Lists

Instead of trying to knock out a to-do list that keeps getting longer, break it down into 2 lists. The first to-do list should only have the tasks that are important and need your immediate attention. The second list should be saved for the tasks that you want to get done, but don't have a time limit on them. 

By separating your tasks into two to-do lists, you'll accomplish more without feeling overwhelmed or fatigued.

Organizing - One of the most frustrating symptoms of ADHD is being disorganized. Piling things up in a corner is much easier than trying to sort all of that stuff! Yet, clutter can make a person with ADHD feel overwhelmed and drained of energy just from the thought of tackling the mess. 

ADHD and Clutter

If the thought of organizing your clutter is too overwhelming, you could clear your mess by hiding it in a closet or drawer to tackle another day. Just having a clean area, even if it's only temporary, can be a welcoming sight. 

Being aware of when you're feeling fatigued will give you the advantage of understanding what's causing it, so you can find the solution to feeling more energetic and power through your day a little easier.  

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Written by   82
1 month ago
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