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Since I'm new here, I was browsing this site and enjoyed reading your beautiful articlesMy eyes fell on this article, which is a challenge, and I witnessed that many of you participated in it, so I said why don't you try this challenge and discover my partner's personalityI also noticed that my friend @Lara888 had participated in this challenge, so I read her article and took the questions that she posed to herself so that I could answer them too.

We start now with the first question

which is tall or short ?

for me I prefer the tall lady because I am considered one of the people throughout my life, as my height ranges, I think, between 180 and 185 I think.Because for me, when I want to talk to the person I love, I prefer our eyes to be on the same level because I think that's kind of romantic.


Talking a lot or quiet ?

For me, I prefer a lot of talk because a calm person makes me bored, and I prefer the person who shares with me all the details of his life, even if the small ones, even if they are not important, because when I love someone who cares about all the small and big details, and I like to share them all with me.

The opposite of the sexual self ?

I prefer the opposite sex,  the ladies, as I feel a greater attraction to them than the attraction of men, which is the natural state.Of course, I do not have any problem with people who are attracted to the same sex because I am one of the people who consider it one of the types of personal freedoms.I also believe in the idea that we should do the things that make us happy, so if being with someone of the same sex makes you happy, that's your right.


Western or Asian ?

for me, there is no difference between them, as I am attracted to any type of woman, of course, according to certain conditions, whether it is personality or beauty, but I find that all women are attractive.

  Hot or nerdy ?

for me, I prefer the sexy one. Intelligence can be acquired at any age, but sexy is born with the person and cannot be acquired.

Sports or music ?

I prefer to have a sports partner and encourage me to do some exercise because this is healthy. I am not active at all. I can be considered lazy, so I prefer to have a partner on the contrary to encourage me to do some sports or music is not important to me as I find for everyone  We have a taste in music.

Older or younger ?

for me that age is just a number, so I don't care if my future partner will be older or younger than me because I find that more important than that is that there is an understanding between the two people, regardless of their age, so if my future partner is older than me, but our ideas are identical  Then it doesn't matter at all how old she is and if she's younger than me and our ideas are the same and it'll be fine too

Appearance or personality ?

for me, I consider appearance to be deceiving, so it is preferable that my partner's personality be better than his appearance, but it does not hurt if his appearance is beautiful and his personality is also beautiful.

Shy or strong character ?

we cannot connect these two adjectives, as each of them has its uses. Sometimes it helps to be shy, but also in some situations, your personality must be strong, you speak, and you know what you are talking about.But one of the most important characteristics of women is shyness, as many consider shyness as one of the signs of femininity that distinguishes women.

A call or a text ?

I think we all prefer calls because it will express a lot that is inside us, as writing does not have any feelings and cannot be controlled to deliver the desired idea. During the call, you can distinguish between each word that is said and know what it means exactly.As the tone of voice plays a major role in determining the shape of the words we say, whether it expresses love, anger or annoyance.

Flirting or someone flirting with me ?

For me I'm a bold person so I don't mind flirting with the person I love but it's also nice for someone to flirt with us and show us the favor and tell us about it because that's a very nice feeling

Funny or polite ?

of course I would choose my partner's character to be funny because for me I have a funny personality and I make a lot of jokes so I would love for my partner to share this quality with me and that he can understand all the jokes I make where we can turn all our serious consent into a joke and that  We solve it with laughter


Drink or not ?

I think that drinking a lot is harmful to health, but I prefer a partner who does not mind drinking alcohol because I like the idea of ​​a romantic evening that contains alcohol and do not forget that on some occasions it is necessary to drink and celebrate, as we do not always have to be  Healthy in our lives, as long as drinking is within the reasonable range, we must balance in everything


Cold or romantic ?

I would definitely choose to be a romantic partner because I hate the idea of ​​someone treating me cold because I think it is a kind of indifference and lack of interest and who among us does not like to be cared for by his partner, so she must be a romantic and caring partner.

He goes out or stays in a house ?

I prefer that my partner loves restaurants and cafes and prefers to leave the house because I hate sitting at home for a long time, so I always prefer to go out and learn about new beautiful areas. I love the idea of ​​tourism and to travel with the love of my life

Thank you for reading my article, and thank you very much for stopping by here.

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Hello, it's nice to meet you and I'm glad that you've already participated some prompt like this, where most of my friends had participated. Everyone loves to have romantic and funny partner's, well that's a good quality of a person indeed. Even I also wanted to have that kind of partner but sadly my partner isn't romantic but I still love him😊.

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1 year ago

Thank you, my friend, for this welcome. I think that I will continue to participate in these competitions in the coming days. I must say that when we love someone, we overlook a lot of the qualities we wanted and in the end the final decision is up to the heart. I hope this love continues

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1 year ago

Hey, you took part in the challenge, this is great, you have good favourites, I love that you love to go out and travel with your partner, this is fun

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1 year ago

The most beautiful thing in the world is travel

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1 year ago

I would choose romantic also. Of course none will gonna choose being cold of the relationship.

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1 year ago

You are right, the relationship without excitement and vitality ends quickly

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1 year ago