The Murder (Part-3)

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"Continue", Kin said for the third time.

"There's nothing much to say. Two co-incidents have been occurred and that's why a life has been save. Or can be said two life. Yesterday I saw you coming out from the doctor, this one is one co-incident and another one is noticing Tomas' name in the poison book. I don't be astonished at this anymore. There's a lot of things those happen like this. However, noticing his name I have doubt. So, I met him at his house and talked about this. He told me that you asked him to buy this. But here you told me the opposite. You became surprise at my coming. You couldn't think that I would come suddenly. But finally you thought that it will be better as I have come. You wanted to up my doubt. I knew Tomas will come at 5:30 pm to see how to kill hornets; not to kill them by himself. You thought everything will be finished within 6 pm and when I return I will only see the dead body."

"Why had you come?", Kin couldn't be patient anymore. He shouted, "Why! If you hadn't come, it would be better."

Kishore sat comfortably on the chair. "I don't think so. Moreover, I doubted any crime or some mysterious thing is going to happen. So, how could I stay far?"


"I've said it earlier. Murder."

"You wanted to say 'suicide'?"

"No, murder." Kishore said the two words in a clear voice. "I am talking about murder. Your death would be instant and easier for poison. But the death you thought for Tomas maybe the hanging or electric chair these are very tremendous. A healthy minded person will never think of this kind of death. Tomas has bought the poison, has come to met you and you two spend time all alone. No one was in the house. Suddenly you've died. In your stomach and glass there would be potassium cyanide. Tomas couldn't make anybody understand that he hadn't killed you. He would be sentenced to death. This was your plan. You never could imagine any third person clearly me have come to know everything. I could be the witness and could Tomas set free."
Kin repented and said, "Why have you come, why?"

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"There's another reason of coming; I have come not only to stop the murder. I like you Mr. Kin. You'll die soon. Cancer has ended up your life. Only two months later you have to leave your lover forever. Why will you go with a criminal mind? Now tell me, you have been really sad or happy as I came?"

Kin said in a soft voice, "Anybody else know this?"

"No. Anybody won't know. I promise you."

Kin kept silent for a minute. Then stood up. Another vision has come to this eyes. His face is beaming. As if he had won. He handshaked with Kishore and said, "I am happy, Kishore, really I am very happy. You have done something like a true friend. Thank you."

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This story is a translated version of "3 Goyenda" by Rokib Hasan.

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