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The Storm Is Over

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2 months ago

I was in a tunnel
And couldn't see the light
And whenever I'd look up
I couldn't see the sky
Sometimes when I'm standin'
It seems like I done walked for miles
And my heart could be cryin'
Dead in the middle of a smile

Now in the midst of my battle
All hope was gone
Downtown in a rushed crowd
And felt all alone
And every now and then
I felt like I would lose my mind
I've been racin' for years
And still no finish line, oh

But then I climbed the hills
And saw the mountains
I hollered help 'cause I was lost
Then I felt the strong wind
Heard a small voice sayin'

The storm is over
(The storm is over now)
And I can see the sunshine
(Somewhere beyond the clouds)
I feel Heaven, yeah
(Heaven is over me)
Come on and set me free, whoa - R. Kelly

Today was one of those rare days I listen to music and for a lengthy period at that. Unlike most people, my music appeal is quite loose, so I can go from a gospel song to a very uncut one and still be vibing. When I started playing today though, the intent was to play gospel, but my player mode was on shuffle and R. Kelly's storm is over came on. While it was playing, I was thinking about my last article.

My last article talks about dealing with worries and problems. I made sure not to bring my religious conviction into it, so as not to bring questions to it, but today, that's exactly what I'm going to do using R. Kelly's song.

The Tunnel And The Storm

Sometimes we have some insurmountable problem before us and we're confused about what to do. The problem with this kind of situation is that Al your mind can focus on doing at that time is panic, hence even if the solution is there with you, you won't see it.

The dark tunnel represents the real problem, while the storm represents our amplification of the problem, which is mostly expressed as worrying. The truth is it doesn't have to be so. At times like this, it can seem like all hope's lost, and you're all alone. It can seem like everything is out to get you, but it doesn't have to be so.

The Hill And The Mountain

The hill in this illustration is simply an illustration for your acknowledgement of the fact that the problem won't fix itself and you are bigger than it. It's only when you start thinking of the solution, that you'll remember that you're a Christian. That will lead to seeing the mountain which symbolizes God. The truth is, for we Christians, all the solutions to our life's problems can be found in Christ, but not until we climb the hill, which symbolizes that knowledge, we won't be able to see God waiting out there for us to call out to him.

Holler Help!

The best of this song is that it follows a certified order of Christian problem-solving mechanics. It goes step by step in the right other. It's one thing to have finally come to the knowledge that in such situations, you don't have to worry because you have God. But God isn't going to abruptly interfere in your business without permission; he's not going to insult your abilities by helping you when you're handling it yourself; when you haven't asked for his help. This is where hollering for help comes in. Hollering for help here simply implies asking for help through the vehicle of prayer. He saw the mountain and hollered help at it. In the same vein, after you have come to the knowledge of God is there for you, you have to holler at God about your predicament. You have to speak to him, he knows but you still have to tell him and ask him to help you out.

The Small Voice

The small voice says the storm is over. What's a Christian's small voice?? The voice of the spirit of God!! The voice that comes to tell us the storm is over. The removal of the storm symbolizes the peace and assurance that comes after laying your heart bare before God. This is why a lot of troubled Christian, praying, will seem so calm and cheerful after praying.

The Sunshine And Heaven

What exactly is running through the mind of a cheerful Christian who just finished praying? The answer, 'I can see the sunshine somewhere beyond the cloud, I can feel the heavens over me', that's why. It's the sunshine. The sunshine here symbolizes the faith of the Christian. After praying, faith in the God that can do all things will cause you to no longer see the problem. This new reality you see is what heaven symbolizes.

Setting You Free

This is the manifestation of answers to prayers, the confirmation of faith and the display of the heaven that was seen. This is the end of the problem. That too would have passed.


There's nothing you're going through that is too big for God to handle. You just have to know how to go about it and that's what I've put here to the best of my knowledge and the Glory of God Almighty.

Thanks for reading...

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Written by   108
2 months ago
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I used to love that R. Kelly's song and literally sang it through. The song brings feeling of hope. God news: Nothing last forever. Bad news: Nothing lasts forever.

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2 months ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣The news is shall there. Make of it what you need😅

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2 months ago

God is always there to answer is whenever we call therefore we need not give up because the will always show up.

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2 months ago

So I'm learning

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Yes the storm most surely be over, it is said may in all this you're more than conquerors through christ who strengthen us.. the Strom is really over now.

$ 0.02
2 months ago

Amen. Indeed we are conquerors in his name

$ 0.00
2 months ago