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Talking Snapshots (Part Two)

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3 months ago

Lately, I've been thinking about my writing routine. This is because these days, I'm always so very tired by the end of the day, that I find it hard to do any mental work. I usually just want to bath, eat and sleep.

A number of days back I wrote an article titled Talking Snapshots and I like it, but while going through my gallery today, I realize I still have some great ones, so I thought,why not share?? So, here goes.

It's funny when you actually sit and take a look at it. Who told us youngsters that money is the solution to all our problems in life and that if we just had enough of it, our lives would be bliss. Well, I shouldn't be surprised, cos this is what years of communal definition of what success is, gets you. It's totally okay to chase after wealth and all that stuff, but at what cost?

People are so hellbent on getting the "bags" they usually forget there are other aspects of their lives that needs to be attended to. Like the picture says, there are certain things that are more important than the 'bags' and it's important you don't loss sight of them.

I don't know about this photo, but there's a sense of guilt it gives me, maybe I might have been guilty of it at some point or the other. The truth is bitter but it's the truth. People who do these kind of things are not meant to be anyone's friend, because at the end of the day,they don't care about you but rather on what their relationship with you can do for them. Such double standards reeks of unbearable deceit and discrimination, that I don't think I could tolerate again in this lifetime.

I wonder sometimes, what kind of man Napoleon Hill must have been. He couldn't be more correct here. No matter what it is you're planning to, big or small, it doesn't matter, it won't matter, if you don't start in the first place. The circumstances will never be perfect. You just have to look at the required checklist and start right away with what you got, cos all of the stars will never align for you at the same time, no matter what. Waiting for a perfect starting point is one of the best way to drown yourself into an habit of procrastination. There's no right time, just pick up with you have, and grow along the way.

I was already done with this article when I saw this one, I just couldn't leave it. This is a real problem today, especially amongst partners. A lot of us are guilty of it. I even did it earlier today with my partner and now I feel so ashamed of myself.

Blaming someone for the way they react to a wrong you've done to them with having first apologized is really low cos it implies that you're not one who's capable of owning up to what he's done and that makes for a coward. I hope I can get through to my partner by morning before church, so I'll correct my mistake today.

Thanks for reading...

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Written by   108
3 months ago
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Most people are only good to the rich and they can switch on you once they notice you are going broke.

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3 months ago

Dang right bro

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3 months ago