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I think it was yesterday, I read an article published by @meitanteikudo , and I could help pondering on some of the questions drawn from his thought. When you look at this as we know it, it all depends on our five senses, how they transmit the info/stimulus they get to the brain, and how the brain interprets those information to produce a response. Most of the time, what we think/know of a thing, is determined by the brain using information from a combination of two or more of these sense organs. This give us a sense of accuracy and correctness of our conclusions. But should it?

In a very complex and intelligent world like the one we now live in today, I think our sense of confidence in what we know should probably be a thing of the past. Over the years, through racism, slavery, science and technology, humans have been experimented upon by "other humans" for the sake of acquiring knowledge to better the 'life of Management'. These studies and experimentations can be said to have yielded tremendous results. Tremendous happens to be better fitting for describing it, cause there's really no consensus even among the scholars of the world, as to the results of all this.

One thing that has come out of it, is the understanding of some human ways of life. These understandings now spam different academic areas such as, sociology, psychology, physiology, health etc. Some of these findings have been used in developing services and products that supposedly increases the quality of the life of man, but others can be and have been put into far less worthy use. The understanding of the human senses has led to a whole new way of how the stimulus are fed and altered.

Have you watched the news lately? When last did you watch the BBC or CNN, or maybe Al Jeezera. Have you browsed the internet lately? All of these things are bombarding us with informations they think we need and the way they think we need it. Information as we know it has become a tool of control and manipulation, not in the way of possession of it, but in the ability of the one passing that info in such a way as to use the understanding of the workings of the human senses to make one see what they want seen. The understanding of the workings of human psychology have led to design and constructs in the way information is passed, so as to elicit a desired response or to effectively direct people's mind.

Today, we see this in practice in the form of fake news and news suppression for example. Have you read the CNN' reports on the war in Ukraine recently or Al Jeezera, or maybe BBC's. Having followed the war since the first day, I've come to know that these two for starters are peddling so much wrong, misleading and force news concerning the war.

The way it's been reported, you'd think the russians are a bunch of boys scout group fighting against the US army. Trust me, I abhor violence and I condemn in the strongest term possible, for me at least, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, but the way western government are using the understanding of human psychology to peddle false infos on such huge platforms like CNN and BBC, so as to control public opinion and cause dissent in the Russian army and Russian people is all sorts of wrong. I won't go into the details of this as I know the topic of the war in Ukraine is a sensitive one and can get easily provocative, but what I'm saying is that "nothing is ever exactly the way you think it is".

Today, there are people out there,who applying the understanding of human psychology, can make anything to look like anything. These people have the ability to make a lie looks true by manipulating our senses, making us see what's not there and questioning what is. This has led to massive river of fake news and false information. This is a real problem in our world today, sadly it's just starting.


The share amount of misinformation out there is extremely worrisome, and it's even more worrisome that people take these false information as true. Having reflected on it, I've come to see that everything is questionable and is as it seems. We have to learn how to question and query information we get and act upon these days, because you may not know it, but you might not be seeing what is, but rather what someone else want you to see.

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There's never been a time in human history for us to be more critical of anything and everything. This will save you a lot of trouble. Question and second guess everything.

My hearts goes out to the men, women and children in Ukraine fighting for their the defense of their own lives and motherland. No one should have to be like this. I hope by some stroke of luck there's a political solution to this war/conflict. The sooner, the better.

Thanks for reading my article. I appreciate you..

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2 years ago


We don't know what to or what not to believe anymore. I stay away from all social media except whatsapp. I am sick and tired of the hypocrisy and double standards of the media.

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2 years ago

Like, the height of it all these days. It's unbelievable

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2 years ago