How to build confidence?

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1 year ago

" Confidence is feeling of clear head it means that you are able to confuse of thought. "

People always question that how can they build their confidence. There are different ways to become confident.

Laugh assumption

According to laugh assumption they are 80% people who remain Shai when they enter into a gathering and the feed reluctant to express anything in front of other people. So in reaction laugh assumption says that, the reluctance in expressing our thoughts is due to the anxiety level which has increased and we feel that we are not enough mature to dark in front of so many people. Here is only one solution that we should always be positive person and we should think that every person who is sitting here is positive mind people and the all love you. Having this thinking will help us to boost our confidence.

Self positive talk:

Most of the time we feel that we are not able to go and stand in front of the audience and speak it is only due to the lake of confidence and it can build when we have self positive talk. When most of may have experience that at school age whenever our teacher assign a comparing he always recommended when you go to home first give demo to yourself by speaking in front of mirror. Obviously when we can talk with ourselves only than very good become able to talk with other people and convey our thoughts. Positive mind motivates us.

Do not think about what other people will say?

Most of the people remain shy only because they think that if they speak then but other people will say this is common problem in all of us who are low level confidence.

Just keep in mind that whatever you are doing is good think and what other people are saying they are just getting jealous of you because they are not able to do the same which you are doing. You should have enough trust on yourself dad but our you were doing is the best way and put your 100% in every work. When you think about the narrative of other people then this will shake your confidence and you will feel anxiety.

Do that thing more which makes you happy :

When you do that work which makes you happy that will boost up your confidence. If any work is against your interest that in you will not enjoy that work and could not get maximum output. But on the other hand if you are doing work in which you feel happy then you will have high margin to perform good and will get maximum positive output this will help you in building up confidence. Because when you work with happiness you will do it with great interest and learn more. That learning will retain in your mind and you will able to give lesson to other on your own learning.

Learn from your mistake :

And you learn from your mistakes and make correction in them then you become mature person because you know your own flaws and drawbacks. I thinking of yourself that you are complete and mature is not good because man always do mistake and it is normal but when he never think about mistake and do not try to make them right then this will effect the success rate of person. Everything requires hard work wether it is on personality or nature of person.

Long term goal:

Short term goal never brings confidence. If you think about short time and you have to save money you are here just to eat and sleep then your confidence level will be lower but when you think in a broader term and think for long term goal will glorify your personality and helps you to build your status in the society. When you have long term goal in your mind and have a proper strategy to follow for the achievement of that goal this bring a revolutionary change in your personality and you will be obviously successful persistent is the main factor which determines your success. In long term goal you have to do much work and you have to stick with your routine.


Confidence help you to face the challenges in your life and to learn from your life short comings because shortcomings are the part of your life and when can never turn his face from shortcomings.

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1 year ago


Confidence does not come own its own. People have to gain it by their activities

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1 year ago

Learning from your mistakes is something you need to learn from. It will make you confident because you already know what the particular thing entails. Also, we need to do what will make us happy and do not care about what others will say.

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1 year ago