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What to eat in hot weather?

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2 months ago

When the weather conditions changes it is obligated to change the duet plan accordingly to keep our body health. When the summer season come it is the beginning of hot weather and from April the summer season started the hot weather remain for almost 7 to eights months . From previous years the duration of winter season is getting shrink and on the other hand people are facing the hot season with which most of us are reluctant and always wished that there should be only winter season although our work also become freeze in winter but in hot conditions there are so many problems which people has to face. But people to become adoptive they keep on changing their diet for commodity .

Cold and sweet drinks are good or bad?

Most of us adapted a habit that in hot weather we use to drink so many cold drinks like Pepsi 7 up etc. Although they gave us relief but that relief just remain for just few moments and after some time it gone. These cold drinks are also not healthful for our body instead of giving positive impact on our digestive system they damage it badly and excess consumption of cold drinks will have affect on our stomach and will destroy it's lining. So people should keep in their mind that the money where they are spending is not good asset which they are buying.

Water consumption

Many people face problems during this season. In winter season there is no such high need to consume high quantity of water because in winter season there is already coldness and we do not get sweating in those days but the main problem in hot season is of sweating and the sun rays which directly come in contact with skin. So water consumption is necessary in hot weather. Water is good for our skin health it keeps us fresh all the day. Water is essential for our digestive system.


When one person fail to consume the optimum quantity of water in a day then the condition is dehydration which refers to loss of water from body. Dehydration leads to many problems including constipation, Dizziness etc. Dehydration effects on skin and skin becomes dull. Water makes seventy percent of our body. If we drink water as much as we need only then we can perform our task efficiently whole day.

Every person deal with dehydration in different way according to his own body condition. Dehydration is very common in students because there life become busy in hit season it is also a season for exams so students forget to drink much water. Dehydration also effect on our brain and if you are studying and not have taken much water it is more likely that you can not get the points while studying.

Water melon:

Watermelon leave positive effects on our body it contains 90% of waters and calories are very low in watermelon so there is no chance gain weight while eating watermelon. Watermelon is loaded with lycopene which is an antioxidant and it reduces the risk of cancer and diabetes.

  • Watermelon contain another antioxidant which is beta cryptoxanthin which helps in protection of our bones from any type of inflammation.

  • Watermelons contain Vitamin A in very much quantity just have a slice of watermelon contain 9 to 11% of Vitamin A which is best for eyes health so the people who have eye sight issues should eat watermelon.

  • As it contains 90% water so it is the best way to keep ourselves hydrated during summer season.

  • Sometimes we eat the seeds of watermelon and it is a common saying that people say that a plant will grow up in your stomach it is just a myth because in our stomach sunlight cannot be reach there nutrients are filled in seeds so eating seeds is also beneficial.

  • Watermelon is good for our skin and eat protect our skin from Sun light and from sun burning.

Cucumber 🥒

  • Cucumber is a juicy fruit which is widely used in kitchen and in our houses it has so many uses.

  • It is very good to consume cucumber it also contain water

  • People use them for skin treatment like they use slices of cucumber for their eyes dark circles and those are really effective .

  • Cucumber contains vitamin B1,B3,B6.

  • 🥒 cucumber


Yoghurt is actually fermented milk which is made with the help of bacteria and it is get ready by the process of fermentation. Kids remain very eager to eat yoghurt at the morning time as well as adults are really fond of eating yogurt it is very nutritious.

It help to build strong amuse system.

In shortcut there is every nutrient which is beneficial for our body it contain high quantity of proteins which are best for our body health

It is helpful in protecting our body from cancer and its made easy to digest different things. It protect our digestive system

Yoghurt has calcium as we know that calcium is good for our own health so this calcium help to strong our bones and it reduces the chances for fractures.

It inflammation and also it help to reduce antibodies which are produced in reaction of allergy and it is helpful to decrease the symptoms of any allergy on our body and it is due to the bacteria which are there in yoghurt.

End Note

I hope you all understand my writing about what to eat in hot weather although I have not cover the whole but I want to do justice with it .

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Written by   94
2 months ago
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How educational this article, since many of us are not aware of your indications, at least I do not drink much water and now I try to do it much more

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2 months ago

Yes, I love to eat cucumbers in hot weather as I have grown them in my back yard and waermelons are also healthy to consume in summer and I daily consume yougurt but now a days there is a lake of milk so I am not using that .

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2 months ago

I really liked your article, since the summer season in my country is very strong and the heat affects me a lot since I sweat a lot, I have to carry a bottle of water wherever I go. I love watermelon and cucumber, yogurt is delicious but unfortunately I can't consume it much, I usually don't like dairy products.

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2 months ago

I prefer yoghurt and whenever I'm back from football training under the sun, I make sure I take yoghurt or ice cream to relieve myself

$ 0.00
2 months ago