Global warming

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Global warming refers to the heating of Earth for long period of time. Global warming has been observing from pre industrial period. The temperature of earth is rising day by day. The weather condition is overs that people are not ready to step outside of their houses and their just bounded to their homes.

Temperature increasing

There is increase in temperature by 0.05°c every year. As the heat is getting much and glaciers are melting it in turns increase the sea level. When glaciers melt the y produce water and that water moves into rivers and then towards the sea.

  • From 1800 to 1900 the sea level has been increased by 11 cm.

  • From 1900 to 2000 the sea level has been increased by 19 cm.

  • And it is predicted that till 2060 sea level will increased by 90 cm.

Rise in temp. Per decade

It is measured that the temperature is increasing per decade by one Celsius and 1.8 degree in F. If the temperature keep on increasing with the same ratio the earth will soon not be livable for human beings

Effect of rising sea level

When the sea level will raised the countries which are small and based over sea. It is predicted that those countries would become extinct from the world map due to rising sea level. This will in turn increase the pressure on whole world including the migration of mass population.

Reason of global warming

There are so many reasons behind global warming but the main reason behind this are just a human activities.

Green house gases:

"Excess of everything is bad"

Greenhouse gases are also important for our planet. And in these greenhouse gases it include carbon dioxide mainly. As we all are familiar that carbon dioxide is used by plants and the used it for their respiration method just like humans which use oxygen for the respiration. But from previous we are producing carbon dioxide so much the level of carbon dioxide is rising. It is not as that carbon dioxide is produced by burning of oil by burning of coal and by burning of other products. As we cannot live without oxygen and plants also cannot live without taking inside carbon dioxide. There is a balance between humans and plants in the way that human inhale Oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide which is used by plants and plants are also beneficial because they purify the oxygen. One can easily understand that what would be the drawback when we cut down trees. Obviously it will affect the Oxygen and carbon dioxide level.

80% carbon dioxide released by oil burning and it is estimated at 90 billion barrel oil are produced daily in the world. So one can easily think that how much it is producing carbon dioxide.

The other major greenhouse gas is methane which produces by the wastage of food and researchers says that 20% food is being wasted on daily basis in every house and people also wasted almost forty percent food during different events .1 kg of wasted food produces one kilogram of methane .

Methane is much more dangerous as compare to carbon dioxide by 25 percent.

We humans are to be blamed

For the global warming humans are responsible because human activities are the major cause of global warming we have cut down all the trees in becoming more run and in industrialisation the forest are being cutting down. Industries are not good for the environment and for the climate all though they are giving a so much benefits but they are not good in the term because they are producing smoke which is rising and which is producing greenhouse gases such is carbon dioxide and when much carbon dioxide and methane are producing these trap between the layers and in turn these are rising the temperature. Over last 200 years human have made so many programs we have built tall buildings we are living in furnished rooms in which we have air conditioner and we are availing the service of refrigerators also we have made so much inventions and for all these things require energy and that energy is coming from burning of coal and petrol which is dangerous for our climate. We have done so many things for us but we have done nothing for our Earth. Earth is that place which has given us so much and in turn we have given it nothing even we are making it use for our purpose we don't think for the other human beings. If we take a deep observation of years ago when the trees were most and forest were saved by humans because during that span humans love to live with trees and plants the weather condition was good at that time period and also climate changing was natural process during that previous era but now humans are responsible for changing of climate. If we want to save humans we should be much more careful and keep balance with nature we should not take any risk with nature because nature is our protection .

What is climate change

People often get confused between the global warming and climate change.

Both are different terms. As we have discussed about the global warming so when global warming increased it also increase the climate of the whole world and that is known as climate change. We are recently facing the problem of climate change and global warming. In certain countries and cities the temperature is touching round about 50 degree Celsius which is huge number. About 2 days ago NASA also has reported that some countries will face heat waves and they also warned those countries to take all the preventive measures to keep safe their people from this condition.

How to tackle this situation:

The solution is simple that we should keep our lifestyle simple and we should decrease the usage of those electronic gadgets which are producing any type of green house and can be reason for global warming because this is our land and we own it. If we all together work for the betterment of our world then it will be paradise for all the human beings . I have talked about the wasting of food and instead of wasting we should give them to those people who are unable to buy food and who sleep without taking meal we should keep them in our mind. Also the plastic products which are being used so much now a days should work for diet and we should use in limited quantity.

I hope you on understand what I want to convey through my writing . I am thankful to read cash that it is such a platform where you can raise your voice

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Too much of everything is truly bad, I learnt a lot while having your article read..

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1 year ago

Without a doubt, global warming and climate change is a very serious problem for the survival of the human species, and unfortunately it is still not given the necessary importance. my country Venezuela is being hit by very strong heat waves.

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1 year ago

yes, my dear fellow it is bitter truth that it is increasing day by day and no one is working to controll it except we should plant more trees and i personally following it

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1 year ago

We should grow more trees. But this generation engage with game and online.

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1 year ago

The truth is that as we grow, the planet changes, and we find ourselves with various climatic and environmental disorders that can affect us.

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1 year ago