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Content writing is the process of planning then writing and also have to edit the content it is mainly for the marketing purposes it can have a different type of categories like writing blog post and articles keeps were videos and content writing for certain platforms. Companies also offer people to write about dramas and for films etc.

Proper way of writing

When someone talk about content writing then the next person always think that it's writing articles but it is not about article means it is not just important for blogging. Medically content writing is important for all type of formats like video scripts email social media post web pages and also it's use for YouTube video descriptions. You may have seen video transcript below the YouTube video and that is also a form of content writing. In short one can say that content writing is anything which is related to publish.

How to start work on content writing :

There are so many jobs in the market for content writers that the main problem that how to write. It is a series of step which one have two follow for achieving a destination. If you are beginner then you have to go through online and the first step should be creating an online outline. This first step will help you to find that what is the procedure and what is main thing as the main point is always on the top of the outline. When you make an outline then you know that what is your final content and what is your initial content.

Structured writing:

The sequence in writing is important for understanding of the reader you have to link your words with the next one. For this one have to practice a lot.

Topic selection:

The topic of content is very much important because topic is the backbone of your article if you have a stronger topic then it will attract more audience. For example when you have to write about exercise then you must have to search about exercise on the platform and you have to watch videos and search on Google and go through that articles which are looking good. Try to find the best work among them.

Make every term easy :

You must think about your readers, you should use simple wording in your article so it become easy for them to understand if you use difficult terms then they might not click on your content and it will decrease the graph of your writing .


Your article should be entertaining a little bit because also that your reader do not get bore when they are reading your content you can use family friendly jokes in your content to which they can relate easily. There are so many ways to convey your meaning but when you convey your thoughts with fun then it become easy for the readers and listeners and the catch it more. You can use some visual aids in your content because there are different type of readers .


Your paragraph length should be minimum. When you extends the length of paragraph just for the sake of length of your content then your readers will not find it interesting to read and they will click somewhere else.Try to convey your thoughts in lesser words but those words should be effective enough that they are giving proper meaning as you are wishing for.


When you add some quotes into your content it adores your content and readers will remain attach to your article . Research shows that those articles and content are shared more via link in which the author has used quotes

Different angle :

If you want to make your content multi dimensional then you also have to add different perspective regarding your article. You can use your personal opinion in your content but also allow the opinion of others so that it can have more traffic. You must have a turning point in your content whenever the reader click on your content he remain curious that what is going to happen in next moment.

SEO Friendly theme:

SEO means that your content should be in steps. If you use random topics in your content then other will find it bothering not entertaining .

Do research :

When you are riding content then it is necessary to do your homework and in your homework you must have to research about the topic on which you have to write.

Use proper Grammer

Use of proper grammar can help you to build trust in readers mind and they will remain attached to your articles and your content which you will publish in next time.

Review after writing

The mistake which Most of the content writers do is "we do not review when we have done with our content "it is necessary to review content because when we review it give us a chance to make corrections. Review of content will not take as much time as we have served in writing it , it will just take few time and your article will become perfect.

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