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Ways to reduce stress

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A survey was conducted focusing on stress. At the initiative of the World Health Organization. It came up in the survey conducted in Bangladesh. Images of stress in minors. More than 16 percent of people suffer from depression. However, the main way to reduce stress now. So. Learn how to reduce stress. WHO claims. By 2030, the world will become a major social and economic problem. There will be mental instability. According to psychologists and experts. One out of every five people spends their days under stress. Maybe the stress has unknowingly taken root in the minds of those people Psychologists believe that stress is a complex process. In the minds of people, it is very difficult to get out once the grains are formed. But not impossible. For this he has to go through some rules. He will also have to make radical changes in his thinking and lifestyle.

How do you know if you are suffering from a complex problem like stress?

We understand stress only to be upset. But in many cases you have. You can't even call that problem upset. You can't say that you are normal again. This problem is anxiety. Which is the initial stage of the complex process of stress. Which eats away at your mental health. For this, mental stress is compared. With the silent killer. Because the harder it is to get out of this problem, the worse the consequences. We need to know now. Ways to reduce stress. Studies have shown. About 15 percent of them suffer from stress. Those who have chosen the path of suicide in the last stage So you should know. What is the way to reduce stress. Stress should not be considered a common problem in any way. If you think you have this mental problem. Also consult a doctor immediately if you feel itchy.

How do you know if you have a mental problem?

People with mental illness. Those who are upset most of the time. Despite not working hard. At night the body quickly becomes tired. 6 due to stress Get to sleep early. When you see. It's nice to be alone. In other words, you want to withdraw from the company of friends. "Not possible by me." Negative thoughts about yourself. Which is the result of stress. Sudden weight loss. Because, the effect of mental illness puts pressure on your brain As a result, your hormonal activity is disrupted. Also for love-caused or family reasons. Mental deterioration is more noticeable. Decreased memory. For example: forgetting the name of a friend due to the distance of 3/4 days, etc.

How to get rid of stress and return to normal life? Or what is the way to reduce stress?

The main way to overcome stress. It can be said. That always keep yourself busy with any task. So that anxiety, may not weigh on your head. Therefore, your own words. You can share with another person ৷ Chat with friends. This will reduce your stress a lot. Never leave honest company. And don't lose company. Do regular physical exercises. Get up every morning and jog Follow some physical exercises. On the one hand, such health will be fine. On the other hand, peace of mind can be found.

That issue needs to be abandoned?

In the conversation of that person. The reverse is to read under stress. You have to become anxious. Self-confidence is lost. Avoid those people.

Solve stress problems through self-realization

Pokernegi Mellon University in Plaza One. Where new research gives the first evidence Self-realization can solve. Identify your most important values. Future research on that identification. Will also help in the development of educational interventions. The published survey comes with a suggestion. Only at the primary level can self-realization increase. This study points to a process. Shows the effect of self-realization on the performance of real problem solving under stress.

Self-assurance can be an effective stress management approach. So the college students of Creswell and his research team ordered a rank. E.g., industry, business, family and friends. Which indicates their level of chronic stress. Participants were randomly assigned a self-recognition condition. Why the value of their number one rank is important As a result, he was asked to write a few sentences about it. All participants. The work of solving the problem had to be completed. Which was challenging. To solve which properly. Creativity was needed. The results were somewhat disappointing. That problem-solving performance failed. In fact, they are practically about 50 percent less. Solved the problem. Significantly, however, participants. Whether there was an opportunity for self-realization at first. By that this effect was worthy. In particular, short-term self-perception was effective in problem-solving. Just taking a few moments to think about something can solve a better problem.

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Topics: Health
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