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Top 10: most expensive NFTs ever sold.

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The NFT art scene has detonated in recent months, nine out of ten most expensive nft sales attended in the last 6 months alone. here are the most expensive sales to date

10. the complete mf collection ($777,777)

it is a beeple masterpiece and features a video of all the other artworks sold as part of its collection. This nft is unusual because it's also accompanied by a physical token, plus a sample of people's hair and a certificate of ownership. The token was the most valuable single editiontoken sold in beeple's the 2020 collection and was acquired by the NFT art collector Tim Kang for $777,777

9.hairy ($888,888)

A portion of hairy NFT


musician fashion designer and entrepreneur Steve Aoki, lately collaborated with 3d illustrator and Tony Todisco to produce the electric piece known simply as ‘Hairy' the NFT features a bespectacled blue monster bopping to one of Aoki's beats in a 36 second clip it was sold for $888,888 in a then record-breaking auction for nifty gateway and entitles the viewers to an infinite object's physical screen displaying the nft.

8.Not forgotten,but gone ($1 million)


a modern artist from new york city, whisbe is the man behind a series of nfts depicting gummy bears in various creative forms. Although whisbe was initially known for his gummy bear murals throughout brooklyn and giant statues spread in public spaces throughout the world, he lately turned his artistic talents to the world of nft arts, for now the 16 second video of a rotating gummy bear skeleton named ‘Not forgotten but gone' is the most expensive nft designed by the artist and sold for a hefty $1 million on nifty gateway.

7. crypto punk #4156 ($1.3million)


$1.3 million cryptocock #4156 is the next punk that managed to net more than one million dollars in a public auction. crypto punks is a randomly generated set of 10,000 unique digital characters, and is some of the first examples of Non-Fungible Tokens published on the ethereum blockchain. They were created by Matt Hall and John Watkinson from american game studio Larva labs. Like a bit more expensive crypto punk #6965, crypto punk #4156 is a rare ape type token, but instead sports a blue bandana. The average crypto punk was sold for $25,247 in the last 12 months making crypto punk # 4156 meriting the equivalent of 51.5 lesser crypto punks.

6.pick's name ($1.33 million)

American dj and dance music producer, Blau lately collaborated with digital collage artist, slime sunday to create auction winner pick's name. An NFT that traded for $1.33 million on nifty gateway. The NFT carries a music video and dance track and qualified the buyer to choose the name of both the initial NFT and the open edition NFTs newly sold on nifty gateway.

5. cryptopunk #6965 ($1.54 million)

The second crypto punk on this article #6965, sports a funky fedora and an unimpressed look. It sold for an unblamable $1.54 million. The crypto punk is only one of just 24 ape punks, the second rarest punk type after the alien. Currently crypto punk #6965 is once again for sale and is listed for $3.42 million if sold the seller will get a tidy 122% profit.

4. the first tweet ($2.9 million )

An NFT version of twitter co-founder and ceo Jack Dorsey's first tweet, which was the first ever tweet on twitter was auctioned within march 2021 and ultimately sold for a jaw dropping $2.9 million. The token was minted through a platform known as valuables which allows users to craft NFTs, representing their tweets as part of his philanthropic deeds dorsey pledged to quickly convert 100% of the proceeds to bitcoin before donating it to africa response.

3. crossroad ($6.66 million)

crossroad is an NFT created by already famous to-you-digital artist beeple. It features anti-trump messaging and a big donald trump-like figure lying in a defeated heap with profanities written across his naked body. Although it didn't always look like that, based on the outcome of the 2020 election had trump won, he would have drawn him wearing a crown and striding through flames. Nifty gateway, a famous marketplace for digital collectibles brokered the $6.66million dollar sales of the NFT between an anonymous buyer and its initial owner, twitter user Pablo Fraile, the nft was sold only four months after it was initially purchased at roughly 10x its first price.

2. crypto punk #7804 ($7.5 million)

You thought we were done with crypto punks? Not quite, the second most expensive NFT in history was crypto punk #7804, and behind selling it stands Dylan Field, the ceo of design software company figma The NFT, it was sold for an incredible $7.5 million. Initially crypto punks were given away for free but, some crypto punks with particularly rare or beneficial features such as the blue skinned pipe smoking alien, that is crypto punk #7804 has gone on to sell for huge sums, there is also crypto punk #1651 which sold for a six zero sum in february

1. Every days: the first five thousand days ($69.3 million)

( Source: Wikipedia)

And here is the record for the most expensive NFT ever sold, and one of the most expensive artworks ever sold. It goes to Every days: the first 5000 days the artwork made by famed digital artist Mike Beeple winkelmann,sold for 69.3 million at christie's. The first time that the hoary auction house has ever sold a completely digital artwork. The NFT represents a collage of five thousand of beeple's initial artworks demonstrating his development as an artist throughout his career. It was bought by Vignesh Metakovan Sundaresan who initially remained anonymous, still he later revealed his identity explaining that the point was to show indians and otherpeople of color that they could also be patrons, and that crypto was a balancing power between the west and the rest of the world the global south is rising. The second highest bidder on the piece was none other than tron CEO and founder, Justin Sun who bid a whopping 60.2 million before getting sniped at the last second by Vignesh.


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6 months ago
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Wow, those NFT'S are sold in a very pricey amount. With all those you have mentioned, i only knew the Crypto Punk NFT

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6 months ago

It is really mind-boggling that NFTs get sold in millions of dollars!

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6 months ago