My Faucets and how to use them (part 2)

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Hello guys, in this article, I will tell you about the other faucets that I am using.

If you missed the first article, here is the link.

If you would like some Litecoin, this faucet is for you:

Free-Litecoin faucet gives you some Litecoin each hour by entering the Captcha text, of course you have to save your Litecoin address because when you reach 0.005 Litecoin, you can withdraw them.

You have the option to keep them in the site and earn an interest only when they are 0.05 Litecoin not less, or you can multiply them by playing a game high or low but I don't recommend because I never won in it, It's just luck and you cannot be this lucky but you can try it.

There are also some games in the site like blackjack and a lottery game but I never used them. 

My referal link is:

FreeBitcoin faucet is a faucet that gives every hour some Satoshis of Bitcoin, all you have to do is to tick the box of I am human and click the button ROLL!

This faucet is similar to the Litecoin one, because it also has the HI-LO game to multiply the reward and there is also a lottery.

You can also earn interest on your bitcoins if you leave them on the site but they should not be less than 0.0003 BTC or 30,000 satoshi.

From this faucet I have not yet withdrawed anything because I need to reach 0.003 BTC and this could take a long long time.

My referal link is:

Now let's move on to the Algorand section.

The Algo faucet: This faucet gives you some Algorand every day without even visiting the site, all you have to do is to put Once a week your Algorand address and click submit. That's itt. Easy isn't it?

There is no referal program in this faucet.

The last faucet that Im using is also an Algo one but this faucet gives Algorand and other tokens.

Algodrops: As I said this faucet gives a collection of tokens plus Algorand.

It has in addition to the faucet, public and private airdrops.

The faucet gives you a some of the crypto  you choose Once each 2 days, and you can choose between algorand, yieldly or smile coin.

In the public airdrop section, you can find a selection of tokens and they change them every now and then so you can have a good collection of several tokens.

In these days there are these tokens:

KittenCoin, TacoCoin, Commie Coin, NCoin and BULO Coin.

You can click on each coin and read what is written. Some of them you can take every day, some every 2 days, some 3 days, each token has it's own rules.

The private airdrop section contain nowadays one choice, you must have 1000 ALGO/KTNC in your wallet to be eligible to this airdrop. The private airdrop has specific requirements to get it.

This faucet and airdrops all have specific quantities of crypto each day, when they finish, you have to wait for the next day.

No referal program in this faucet also.

All you have to do in this site is to put your Algo address, tick the Im a human box and click submit.

Where to put the Algo coin and tokens?

If you don't already have a wallet for algorand, I suggest you to install Pera Algo this is the new wallet for Algorand.

By the way all the tokens and Algo coin have the same address.

The annoying thing about Algorand is that each token you need to add the wallet, you will pay 0.001 Algo, so don't add tokens randomly, add only the ones you will receive. And each token has a name and an aset ID (ASA) related to it, when you put the number, you immediately find your requested token and you add it to your wallet.

That's all folks. 😉

Thanks for reading ❤️

*This is my original article.

*Feel free to register in Read.Cash using my link:

*In Publish0x with the link:

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With the faucet mentioned above, i only have the Freebitcoin. I haven't made another withrawal yet in this faucet because I used it to buy Fun tokens so i can upgrade to premium account

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1 year ago

I used the algorand ones, to explore their ecosystem. A good way to know it, but if I well remember you can get the tokens/coin if you already have some... I don't know if it's still so...

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1 year ago

Hello Bittantis, Oh, when I tried them I already had some algos in my wallet so I didn't notice. Let's see if someone experiences this 🙈😉

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