Lost at sea

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Today I decided to task myself into doing something different. I'm a lover of poems but never gave it a go. So I decided to write a poem myself. This right here is my first poem. I do hope you like it

Lost at Sea

"Sail", He said

"Sail and make exploits, sail until you reach the shores back to me"

To each and every one of us He gave the instructions.

The vast sea of undiscovered treasures He had let us all sail in

To each his boat and paddle

He sat patiently at the shore

To watch but not meddle in our fishing and exploits

Awaiting our arrival

With his invisible hands he holds up the boats that has turned wobbly

We were all meant to meet Him after we must have docked our boats

At the shore

Who would have thought that many would be lost at sea?

That the desire to find all the hidden treasures of His sea

Would lead many to dock in the deepest part of the sea?

That many trusting sailors would be lost at sea because they trusted blindly?

That some would choose to be lost at sea because they deny the existence of the shore?

"None of my sailors would be lost at sea", He says

Therefore he sent search parties to being back those lost at sea

But what did lost sailors do?

They stripped and shamed the search parties

They robbed them of their boats and drowned them at the deepest part of he sea

The survivors they sent back in battered form to Him but he would not give up

"None of my sailors would be lost at sea", He still says.

He also sent me but my boat never docked

I thought I was sailing towards the shore but I got lost at sea in a quest for more treasures

Now I try to find my way back to Him at the shore

The tides are high and the treasures in my boat leaves it at the brink of wreck

But no I won't tire

One by one I will lighten my boat

For what is the worth of the treasures I have gathered

If my boat capsizes and I don't reach the shore

Lost at sea

Thanks for reading
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Interesting. Sylvan, you are a good writer indeed.

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1 year ago

Awwn💖 thank you

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