222 Amicable Pairs are discovered by my computer and BOINC

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3 years ago

A positive surprise was waiting for me, when I was checking my account on Amicable Numbers project with BOINC. I started to compute for this project for about a month ago and I was hoping to see if I have discovered any new Amicable Pair.

BINGO = 222 new Amicable pairs are discovered by my laptop and added to the database, available here: https://sech.me/ap/

My rank is now only 1545 but this is just a start. GPU is a very powerful and currently used for both F@H and Amicable pairs. (Einstein@home and WCG are left for mobile phones. Amicable numbers - not.)


How I can see numbers discovered on my laptop? Total count of the pairs is available on the project account page as follows:

And by clicking a hyperlink, I can see pairs discovered on my machine. Every discovery has to be confirmed by 2 independent computations to ensure the correctness of the result. This example pair was also confirmed by someone from the Gridcoin pool.

Complete list of pair discovered on my laptop is counting here:


This is a very exiting discovery because math is the language of any scientific discipline and numbers are truly amazing on its own.

In addition to the Amicable pairs discovery, there is also a certificate that is not important but looks like this:

And even more than that, Amicable pair project is included into the Gridcoin research and can earn some GRC coins.

The only negative part is that the project is not running on the mobile phones I have. From my experience, GPU is the best to be utilized for this project. CPU laptops will need much more time to compute. Some tasks may take more than a week to compute with a CPU. However there is always an option to try.

For more on BOINC, Gridcoin - as a use case for cryptocurrences, and a Citizen Science = check read.cash group below:


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3 years ago
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