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Limitless Beauty in the Limited Eyes

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1 month ago

Beauty is in the eyes of the One who beholds the beholder ☺.

August 6, 2022 Common let's make it new since the holiday rush for you will gonna come soon. Look on your left, there's one good thing, look on your right for sure a beauty is waiting. Turn around and if you are keen to details, your eyes will be full of lovely things you can buy, be in control, the bag and the different stores have unlimited stocks, your money will fly and flow 😂, be in control.

Beauty is diversity, but what is it without nourishing the real you and me. Both men and women are created equal in the sight of their Inventor, He adores them from the window of heavens, all spirits are in awe of these little "Sons' beauty and design", dazzling in the invisible charm and elegance of their Father's uniqueness.

Allure or delicate, it is not limited for beauty has many facets.

Maybe in our limited eyes to those we surround or who surround us, beauty is define in one corner, per person it has self accuracy, alone we think it's fix, it's fine but in the enormous truth beauty has many corners not just ours, it's wide in expression and interpretation, how we praise the One who resource His charm in, for and through us.

This song said "You should know your beautiful just the way you are." -Alessia Cara 🎧 Scars To Your Beautiful Source

"Can someone just know me, cause underneath, I'm broken and it's beautiful. " -Kelly Clarkson 🎧 Broken & Beautiful

Your scars, our scars are beautiful. The causes or what it affected us are not what we are talking about but who we became after it, this is what we admire in the process. We are the wounded healer as what our spiritual family says.

Oh Scar in the Lion King, why are you there? To challenge the beauty hidden inside us or for humans to know what we are capable of, such authority over you scars and all of our traumas and pains that we must transcend in order to be free from your embrace of negative brokenness?

"Who can conquer my paws", you may ask.

Did those wounds you leave, stop us from recovering? No, they will never will for we are the bullets of light, aiming not to be left with holes but the beauty of being whole. We turn our negative scars into positive and that's the power in us you can never overcome.

Scars over Beauty? I bet on the second, scars you are not our true image and likeness, you are made in levels lower than us.

Kirby have said that Science and even New Age has a glimpse of what's in the Spirit, they say that the Universes we see outside are inside us, that what we see from this natural eyes is the macro of our micro particles inside, see how we invented telescopes and microscopes? In and out of our bodies.

Yes in the invisible there is a Vast Beauty of Oneness called the Highest Glory- then from above are the mini levels or sub-divided pieces of that One glory to angels, thrones, celestial bodies, stars, planets, down to earth, clouds, mountains, human bodies, electrons, atoms, quarks, until the smallest particles of our being. See how beautiful we are? To the smallest glory of God unto the Oneness of His being and back to earth again. Light you make us see this grand delicateness of our true nature greater than all spiritual power, authorities in the high places.

From A-Z, from Z-A, beauty is the different letters in the whole alphabet of good faith.

A-ble, B-old, C-ourageous, D-ivine, E-legant, F-riendly, G-reat, H-onorable, I-nspiring, J-oyful, K-ind, L-oving, M-ended, N-otable, O-utstanding, P-leasing, Q-outable (haha bloggers hey), R-adiant, S-piritual, T-rustworthy, U-nderstanding, V-ictor, W-ell rounded, X-enas ,Y-oung at heart, Z-ealous.

After giving meanings to the beauty inside us, I realize there are more that are not included and alphabets may need to repeat over and over, again.

See how limitless we are in the magnificent of our genuine image?

For what we are made of is unbounded, in our natural beauty you made us Lord lower than the angels (who thought in the beginning that they have power over us) but in the Spirit you made us higher than the beast and all the ugliness, higher than the scar image which deceived itself that death is what we inherit.

Our beauty is in life and life is what you have given Papa, this beauty thrive because in Your eyes we are your beloved, pleasing and forgiven.

As we end this blog tonight, I hope you dear readers realize, that even if there are some who have narrow eyes to see your significance, in the thousand upon thousand eyes of our Father above you are amazing 😁, (the bible said that not mine).

There is no restricted beauty in the all powerful, all supportive, all presence, uncounted eyes of God.

Cast away the lies of one eye, two eyes and so on, believe in the truth of who you are in His matured love.

You are beautiful, be still.

Here's cheering on your limitless beauty in the loving eyes above, not the limited,


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Written by   148
1 month ago
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Thanks for the reminder sis. I do believe what the bible says as well. "I am precious in his eyes".

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1 month ago

You are that treasure because He sees Himself in you sis. Salamat sa pagbisita.

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1 month ago

Your welcome sis.

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1 month ago