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You do not talk about Fight Club

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9 months ago

I already have some articles that are inspired by movie called "Fight Club". It is one of my favorite movies, and in my opinion, it is definitely one of the best movies ever made! In case, that you have not seen it already, I recommend you to see it, as soon as possible, trust me, you are not going to regret.

In this article I would love to talk a bit about reasons why this movie is great, and what we learned from this movie. Those things can also be reasons to see this movie, if you have not seen it already.

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First of all

First thing on this list is definitely the first rule of Fight Club, and it says 'You do not talk about Fight Club'. In the movie, Fight Club is a place where people, first of all the nameless narrator or Tyler Durden, and after him all other people who have ever seen or ever been to Fight Club can leave all their negative energy. They are leaving the Club empty. Without anger, negativity, stress...

And, they are not alowed to talk about it.

Source: The Rules

I personally think that we can apply this situation to our everyday lives. When something is really helping us, making us happy, helping us reduce stress, or taking the negative energy out of us, we should not talk about it to people around of us.

Do not talk about your happiness, if you want to stay happy for a long time. If you are talking a lot about things that you are helping you, making you happy or doing anything positive to you and your life, you can destroy it.

If you discovered someting good. When I say good, I actually do not have a strict idea what is good and what is not. Good is what is good for you. What is not harmful for you and others, and what is making you feel good. You need to discover what is good for you, I can not help you with that. But, let's say that you discovered something good for yourself. So, now you have it, can enjoy it when you need it, you can use it as much as you can. But, if you go around and talk about that, everyone is going to know for that. It is not going to be special anymore, it will not be making you as happy as it was making you before.


Maybe, the point of the Club from movie is not what I said, and maybe you understood movie in a different way then I did, but however you understood it, trust me. You do not want to talk about your own happiness to everyone.


Find balance

In a movie we can see three characters, totally different from each other. Marla is someone who thinks that she can die all the time, at any moment, and her problem is that she did not died at any moment. Narrator wants to live his consumer life. His place, car, things, only material things, are his life. He is doing job he hate, so he can buy things he do not need to impress people he do not like. He does not have real friends, we can see that when he calls Tyler after his place is burnt. And Tyler, actually, he is just an alter ego, he is the opposite of narrator.He is free. He lost everything, and he is free to do anything.


You need to find balance between those three people in your life. You cannot live every single second like it is the last one, you can never be totally free, and you can not waint for death to come for you. But, you either can only cash clothes, cars, houses, jewelry...

Source: Tenor

You need to find what you really love, what really makes you happy, what is really important...

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How much can you know about yourself, if you have never been in a fight?

If you have never been in a fight, any kind of fight, verbal fight, fight for your rights... Really any kind of fight that you can imagine.

You can not know what you can do, if you have never been in situation to fight, to show to others what you can do, and to show to yourself what you can do. For yourself. You need to be ready to fight for what you want, for what you need, for what you deserve to have.

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And, trust me, you deserve everything what you want to have. If you can dream it, you can have it. I know, this sounds yuck, you have heard that many times, and you are sick of it, but it is true.

You need to realize what you can, and you will realize that, when you need to fight for something what you want to have!


When you wake up in a different place, in a different time, can you wake up as a different person?

Source: Gif Abyss

Maybe, the society where we are living is making roles for us. If you have your degree, good job and if you earning a lot of money, you are good. If you do not have degree, do not have a job, or have a job where you are not earning a lot of money, you are not good.

Society is defining who are you going to be,whatyou are going to do, to love to chase...

If you change your place with someone, will you become like him, will you lose yourself?


Source: Tenor

I hope that you liked this, and I hope that you find this useful in real life. In life of all of us. Ordinary people. Special personalities. Different minds. Similar routines. We need to find differences, to let ourselves be special. To let ourselves explore, love, hate, cry, smile...

Find yourself in your life. Find what is truly important, what is truly yours.





Go for it!

Touch it!

Grab it!

Keep it!

Let it go, when it is time for that!

Enjoy it!


and over again!

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Written by   150
9 months ago
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I watched this movie many years ago. It's a quite great movie. Also it has very good fighting scene. I love those shoots. Thank you for your amazing article. Hope you'll share more like this article.

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9 months ago

Very interesting article. This is about the struggle of life .. Excellently written!

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9 months ago

Wonderfully explained.

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9 months ago

Great article

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9 months ago