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Why are you so sordid, Misko?

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9 months ago

Once more, I would love to write about the book called 'The Time of Authority', and one of the most interesting characthers in this book, Milos.

Long sotry short. The writer of the book, who is one of the main characthers in this book, in one situation asks Misko, why is he so sordid. I'll write the situation here. One of the main charachers, Ivan, was in jail, new jail in new Yugoslavia, for all the people who are against Yugoslavia and Tito, specially for those who were for Stalin. After the conflict that Tito had with Stalin, everyone in Yugoslavia had to be against Tito. Nobody was able to ask why, to express opinion, to show that he or she thinks that Stalin is right.

And, many people, who were comunist for very long time ended up there, not because they were against Tito, just because they were for the original comunism.

Now, let's get back to our story.

Ivan, our characther was in that jail, called Goli Otok, because that was an island, an desert island. He was there, because UDBA (special police in Yugoslavia) had the information that he was working for Gestapo. And, by reading the book we can realize that he maybe is not the agent of Gestapo.

Anyways, Misko works in UDBA, Misko is successful young man. Misko has power. When Ivan is out of prison and back to land again, he had to go to UDBA, to check in, but he did not. And, Misko is mad because of that. He talks to writer and he says to him that he will give a good lesson to Ivan because of that. That is the moment where the wirter asks Misko why is he so sordid. And, Misko answers that he is not sordid and that there is law in Yugoslavia and law has to be respected. Writer explains that Ivan is old, sick, almost blind. But, all those facts are not enough to Misko. He wants to stay strict. He always stays strict.

Photo as a illustration.

What is sordid?

When you look from the side, you see that Misko is right. Misko can do everything what he is doing. But, is that humane? Is that something what a human being is doing? Is that right, when you look it as a human being, as a good person?

Is Misko a good person?

Well, he can be, but usually he is strict. Not good, not bad, strict. All the time, with all the people, in every single situation.

Cold as ice, calm like everything is totally fine.

All the time.

No mistakes, he thinks about everything, he know everything. He is not making mistakes. Never.

Actually, he was making mistakes before, but now in his time of authority he is not making them, he know what were his mistakes, and he will not make mistakes again.

What is right?

This is actually a question, for you, for me, for Misko, for the writer, for all of us.

I cannot tell you what is right.

You cannot tell me what is right.

Misko cannot tell to the writer what is right.

Writer cannot tell to Misko what is right.

We do not know.

Nobody knows.

Right for me is maybe wrong for some of you.

That is why man can be everything. I was also writing about that. You can see that here.

What is sordid for you? Have you read this book and what do you think about it?

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Written by   151
9 months ago
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I didn't read the book but I would like to do it in the future because I find it very interesting. Your article is beautiful and it holded my attention till the end.

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9 months ago

I did not read this book.I am lazy for reading books dear.But I like read your article.Sordid we can find everywhere.I do not doing sordid.I am not such person.

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9 months ago

Well, sometimes, people are sordid in eyes of other people and they are not sordid in their own opinion. Person has two sides. Good side and bad side. Sordid also has two sides. Thank you for your opinion about my articles.

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9 months ago