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Man Can Be Anything

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9 months ago

I have read this sentence in book named "Time of Authority" written by Serbian writer Dobrica Cosic. That is one of the 11 books from book serial about Katic family. And, I highly recommend all those books to you.

Anyway, let's get back to our quotation. In this book we have a writer of it as a main characther, and the plot of the novel is following writer's life after World War II and revolution in Ygoslavia. He meets members of Katic family and he meets some of their old friends. One of those friends is Milos, police officer, ambitious young man, who came out of the war as a victor. He is totally sure that he is right, he know where is he going and he has his ways to get what he wants.

That is the book, I am not sure if you can find it on the Internet, but in book shops you can buy it, and you can easily see is it translated to your language

Once he talks to the writer and he is explaining his opinion about writing, about books and about man, who should be the main characther of Dobrica's novel. Main characther of the novel should be Ivan Katic, man who had life full of prisons and concentration camps. He was traitor, and he survived all those things. After all that happens Ivan has new problems, now in 'free' Yugoslavia. And, because of all those things he is interesting to writer.

But, Milos has another opinion. He compares our writer to Dostoevsky, who explains in his novels that man can be everything. We all know that characthers from novels written by Dostoevsky can really be everything. And, Milos thinks that everyone can be anything. All of us. Man.

Any man can be anything.

People are passing trough some horrible things and they are making some horrible choices. They are becoming monsters, traitors, spies... They are not good because they are passing trough things that are not good.

Also, some people would say that nobody is good and also nobody is bad. We are all chameleons. Our characther depends on situation. Situation is good, person is good. Situation is bad, person is bad. I personally think that good people can be good always and bad people always find a way to be bad.

I would love to hear your opinion about that.

Everyone has a price

When I say 'price' I do not think money. Your price can be your mother, wife, husband, your children, your ideas that you are ready to die for...

You would do anything for some people, for some things...

Because of that we need to realize all those things and to stop judging to other people. We can never know what will happen to us in the future.

Our destiny is maybe written somewhere, but we cannot read that, and we will never read it. We cannot know what will happen, until it happen. Because of that we have to be ready for everything. Do not expect bad things to happen, do not hope for bad things to happen, but be ready, because they can happen.

Source: Your Dictionary

At any single moment, something, what will totally change your life, can happen. Things that can destroy you, and things that can rise you can happen all the time. Right now, while I am writing this something can happen, and right now while you are reading this something can happen.

That means that Milos is right, man can be anything.

And, I think that deep inside of us we all know that. We all know that bad things are making people do bad things. That means that we all know that Milos is right, just sometimes, we are judging because that helps us feel better. Sometimes, we think that we are better than someone, just becuase something bad, what happened ot him or her, did not happen to us. Milos, he is just more honest, he is not cruel, he is not rude, he is honest. He confessed that he know that man can be anything, depending on situation.

What is your opinion about this? Please, share it in the comments, I would love to know what other people think about this.

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Written by   151
9 months ago
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I am one of those people who believe that there is a destiny and that we cannot create it ourselves. Great text! I have just started using the Read.Cash platform, and I already think I will read a lot of interesting and quality articles on this platform.

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9 months ago

YOu will read many amazing things here. There are many good wtriterrs here on read. And, about destiny, we all have it and nobody know it.

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9 months ago