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What we can pick up from princesses from fairy tales?

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9 months ago

I am pretty sure that we have already heard so many fairy tales with a princess as a main characther. All of them are passing trough some problems and at the end they are happy and all the problems are gone.

But, how they get what they want? How they get where they want to be?

Usually thanks to their physical appearance. They are pretty, very pretty, and thanks to that, prince falls in love with them.

For example, Cinderella.

She is a daughter of a rich man, but she has the evil step mother. Her father is never at home, and she is left with her evil step mother, and her two, ugly, stupid daughters. They are doing some horrible things to Cinderella, because she is prettier than step mother's dauhters. First of all fairy tale tells us that they hate her because she is pretty. That is totally wrong.

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Second, she is smart and they are not smart, so, next reason why they hate her is because she is smarter than they are.

Later, as the sotry goes on, there is a party, prince wants to find himself a wife on the party. I mean really?! How can you know that you want to spend rest of your life with someone if you just see him or her on a party.

On a party you can see that someone is pretty, and that is not enough to decide that someone is for you. That is just not enough. You need to spend some time with someone, to see what that person likes, what that person wants...

Of course, you need to like that person physicaly, but that is just not enough.

But, let's get back to the story. On the party, he saws Cinderella, in an amaizng dress, and he likes her a lot.

After that he finds her, and they spend rest of their lives together happy.

Why she did not tell to her father that her step mother is evil? Why she did not tell to her father that something has to change? And, if she did tell him, why he did not do anything because of that? Does that mean that Cinderella's father do not trust to Cinderella? Is that normal? We should have our parents's trust.

Many things are wrong in this fairy tale.

Next example could be Belle, form Beauty and the Beast.

Okay, this one is also very popular, and in this one we can see a father, wholoves his daughters the most. Only one daughter is full of love, even if the father is good, and that daughter is the one, who will save the family.

How is she going to save the family?

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She will go to the castle, where lives The Beast, with his staff, and all of them are under the spell. At first, she is living there like in jail. The Beast is evil, but she will find a way to change him and he will become good at the end.

That is a good side of this, there is something good in everything.

But, is going to a castle to live there like in jail with the evil Beast a good way to save your family? Family will lose money if that do not happen? Is money really what is most important in fairy tales?

Next one on the list is Ariel.

Ariel is a mermaid, and she does not have legs. She falls in love with a human being, and she would do anything to be with him. But, once more, she does not have legs, and that is a problem. He cannot live in the sea, and she cannot live on the ground.

So, what will she do?

Source: Today

She will go to the sea monster, evil witch, evil magicina, call it however you want. But, Ursula is very, very evil. She is the logical choice, right? Everyone would do that.

But, the evil witch is evil, did I say that before?

So, she will give Ariel legs, but she will take her voice.

Which means, if you have a nice legs, you do not have to talk to your boyfriend.

Next thing, at the end, everything is fine, and that is not possible. Evil people do not become good, you cannot have everything, and mistakes sometimes are not easy to correct.

Almost all of the princesses from fairy tales are where they are thanks to their beauty, many of them are making wrong choices, doing things that they should not be doing.

In real life, that just do not work that way. In real life, you pay for everything what you get, and you suffer because of everything what you are doing, even if you should not be doing.

That was it for this article.

If you liked it, please let me know, and see you next time,and that is tomorrow!

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Written by   151
9 months ago
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Good analysis, I really like it. I know Cinderella by heart, because he read to his daughter at least once a week, before bed.

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9 months ago

Da, mi se dopadna ovoj napis. Nikogas dosega ne sum razmisluvala za prikazkite i bajkite na ovoj nacin. Drug agol na tolkuvanje, so mnogu realni sogleduvanja. No, kako sto velis na krajot, realniot zivot ednostavno ne funkcionira taka.

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9 months ago

On a party you can see that someone is pretty, and that is not enough to decide that someone is for you. That is just not enough. You need to spend some time with someone, to see what that person likes, what that person wants...

Of course, you I like this my dear friend

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9 months ago

Phenomenally extracted from fairy tales everything that is not really good. Of course I like your article, as always.

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9 months ago

First of all, thank you very much! Second, I think that we should maybe, make some remakes of fairy tales. When I say 'we', I mean we as a society, all the people.

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9 months ago