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Peace and Love

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8 months ago

It is the month of holidays, and because of that I wanted to share some of my cogitations about love and peace here with you.

For me, holidays, specially Christmas is period of love and peace. Period that we are spending with our family, friends, generally people we love. We forgive things that were happening during the whole previous year, or year that is ending, depending on when you are celebrating Christmas, and that were not nice.

We need to find peace into ourselves and we need to let love to come into our lives. We need to be sure that we are ready to forgive and ready to love. We need to be sure that we are ready for changes, and peace and love are the best changes that we can ever have in our lives.

Only you can bring peace to your life, and when you bring peace, love will come. Just stay positive, stay calm. Keep believing that good things are about to come to you. Believe that things will get better, if they are not good already.

Forgive to all those who hurt you. Do not trust them again, just forgive, for your own pece.

That was all. I know that this message is very short, but that is what I wanted to tell you about love, peace and holidays.



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Happy Holidays

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8 months ago