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Happily ever after

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8 months ago

In today's article i would love to talk a bit about marriage. In general. What do you think, what do I think, what do various people think...

Nowadays, we can see that more and more couples are getting divorced. In 2020, because of the whole situation, number of divorces is much bigger than before, but even before we had many divorced couples!

And, I was thinking a bit why is that happening.

And, just to say something at the beginning, when I say married people, marriage, divorce, I do not think only of people who have a paper as a proof that they are married or divorced. I also think about people who live together, have kids, who are leaving each other...

Nowadays, people are easily giving up on their marriage, because they know that they can live alone. More and more women are independent, and they are leaving their husbands because of violence, cheating, because of disrepsecting, and in my opinion, that is okay. They know that they do not need a man, and they are self-confident. And, that is great. When you have a strong reason, you should divorce. Good divorce is always better than bad marriage. It is better for you, for other person, for your kids, even for your pets!

But, what if you do not have a strong reasons?

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There are many people, who think that for divorce we need a strong reason, and if you love each other, and if you respec each other, you should give your best to save what you have.

Because of some small problems, you should not leave someone you love the most.

It is on you to think about what is big for you. What you can forgive, what you can forget. It is up to you. You are the one, who decides about that.

That is all what I wanted to tell you about this.

What is your opinion?

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Written by   151
8 months ago
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The dumbest reason I hear from couples who have problems in marriage is that they do not divorce because of their children. It's just an excuse for me. As for me, I would never forgive a scam.

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8 months ago

I think that the majority of young people, (myself included), are not prepared to face a responsibility as such. Also, it is for the fact that marriage has another perspective in these times. It is no longer like before marriage was something sacred and important. Now, most see it as a matter of papers and nothing more than that.

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8 months ago