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Drunk as a Mother

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2 months ago

Hello everyone. Here I am again. Before I start this artcle, I want to say that I really hope that you are all good. And when, I say 'good', I mean healthy, and feeling well on the inside. We are all facing the pandemic and all the problems that it is bringing, stress, depression, loosing connections to other people, loosing connection to real life. I hope that you are finding ways to make your life good, during all the bad things that are happening. I am praying for all of you, and for all the people generally, and I hope that we will live normal lives again very soon.

Now, when I shared my hopes and wishes with all fo you here, I can move on to the article. As you maybe noticed, I am writing a bit about Serbian language lately, and I have already written two articles, one of them is about Serbian sayings, and the other one is about Serbian phrases. You can see them by simply clicking here on them. (Blue letters).

Now, I would love to talk about one phrase that we are using here in Serbia, and that is very interesting. Actually, this phrase has interesting history, and I am pretty sure that there are many Serbian people, who do not know why we are saying this.

There are a couple interpretations of this phrase.

First interpretation of this is drunk like mother, as a rest of phrase drunk man- as good as mother, later it became drunk- good as mother, and not only what's left is drunk like mother.

We all know that every single mother would do anything for her children, and we can say that mother is good for children, Nobody can ever love you, and be good for you like your mother can. That means that drunk people are good for everyone around of them as mothers are good for their children.

We all know that there are many people, who are not good when they are drunk. Many people are aggressive, they are insulting other people, they are even fighting.

So, if we decide to take this phrase to designate someone who is as good as mother, we can use this only for people who are good for others when they are drunk.

Second interpretation is historically supported and it means drunk as a mother in labor. In the past there weren't maternity hospitals, and women were giving birth to their babies in their homes. During the labour woman is in pain, and many things can go wrong. To avoid pain and the complications, women, who were helping during the labor, were giving to mothers a lot of alcohol.

It is proved that alcohol can help to reduce pain during labor, and this was really helpful to mothers, but we cannot say that is was also good for the babies.

And, the thirs interpretation is drunk like mother land. Land was the spring of life in the past. People were planting plants and that is how they were making for living.

If you want to have plants, your land, where you are planting them has to have a lot of water. Has to be soaked with water. And, here in Serbia we say 'natopiti' for soak, and we say 'popiti' for drink. So, as you maybe noticed the base of those two words is same 'piti'. That is how we can connect those two phrases.

Second interpretation is most accepted one. Because, it has a historical support, we know why are we saying that.

That was it for this phrase, if this is interesting to you, I can describe you some more interesting Serbian phrases.

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Written by   154
2 months ago
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