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Serbian Sayings

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2 months ago

Hello everyone, here I am again. I hade one a little bit longer break, again, and I am sorry because of that. I had some private things to do, but here I am again, with a totally new series of articles. It will be made of two types of artivles. Firs will be 'Serbian sayings', and other type of articles will be 'In Serbia we say'.

Serbian sayings will be lists of Serbian sayings and explanations of them, because, here in Serbia we have some really amazing sayigs, that are very wise. I really velieve that we can learn a lot from those sayings.

And, second type of articles called 'In Serbia we say', will contain some very funny phrases that we are using in Serbia, and that can be interesting, specially to those who live far away from Serbia, and have never heard any of them.

Now, when I explained this, I can start.

Today, we have sayings. Here are some very wise Serbian sayings. So, let's start!

If you respect others, do not worry for yourself.

This one is very old, just like many other Serbian sayings, and this one is saying that if you respect other people, you will be respected. If you give to people, you will get from people. What you give is what you get. How much you give is how much you will get.

You cannot expect anything from people, if you are not giving anything.

And, what is also very important, do something firts. Be the first one who will respect, you do not have to wait for people to respect you, respect them first, and they will also respect you.

Of crouse, not every single person is going to respect you back, some people just do not respcet anyone, but most people will.

If they live together fro a long time, animals start to love each other, and people start to hate each other.

Animals get used to each other. There is the famous example with wolf and sheep, I am sure you already know it. Very cold winter made wolf live with sheep.

And, when people live together fro too long, they become annoying to each other. They get bored. Habits, hobbies, jobs, stories, everything about other person becomes annoying to you.

If you wanna lose a friend, borrow him some money.

Here in Serbia, we also say 'Borrow only amount that you are ready to donate'. Many things can happen when you borrow someone money, and maybe they will not be able to give you your money back.

You can think that they are not giving it back, because they do not want to, and that is how you can lose friend.

You can buy a hat for your head, but you cannot buy cleverness for your head.

You can be rich, and you can buy many things, but in case that you are not smart and clever, you cannot buy that. And, you can spend your money easily, but if you are not smart, you cannot earn other money.

We also say, it is much better to know how, than yo have. If you have, you will spent. There is not amount of money that you cannot spend, but if you know how to make money, you will always have it, because you will alsway gonna make it again and again.

If you want to get to know someone, give him power.

Power is not changing people, it is just showing you what they really are. If they are good, they are going to be good with power or without it. But, if they are not good, they can pretend that they are good, while they do not have power, so they can get what they need.

There can still be a fair without one man.

We also say, who is not here, everything can be without him.

One man is not making whole thing, whole life, whole anything. If someone is not there, there must be a reason for that. Accept that, and move on! Keep going, keep fighting.

You owe to yourself to keep going and to make something for yourself.

That was it for this article, I hope that you are going to like it, and that you will like my future articles that are going to have same topic. Please, let me know what you think about this in the comments below.



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Written by   154
2 months ago
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