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Maybe I am bad at everything...

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1 year ago

Maybe I am bad at making true friends that's why I have so many friends but no one is there for me. Maybe I am bad at telling how much I love them that's why no one get it even through i try to show.

Maybe I am bad at keeping everyone happy that's why no one is happy from me and with me. Maybe I am bad at being as everyone expect me to be that's why people are disappointed at me. They expect more from me.

Can someone understand i only smile and take everything you say in fun but I have feeling too? I also feel hurt. I feel hurt when I see everyone having love ones, friends and being happy. I also deserve this. I know no one's life is perfect but I just want to be happy for sometime without thinking.

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Does it mean you're good in doing bad things?

I feel, in deep sense, it's not. At least there's someone, that fully understand you. And that's no one else, but you. Remember, the song the greatest love of all? I'm sure in other point of view, yourself loves you.

Don't be so sad. Don't loose hope. Believe that someday, those few persons that you've been waiting, will cross you life, for good. Will treasure your friendship, not because of anything else, but because of you.

I wish it will not take so long from now. Cheer up!

I will like your article, not because you're bad, but because I feel that you're good.

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1 year ago