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That false promise we always hear and believe

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5 months ago

The lies we believe!!

We hear so many false promises every day, such as:

"You will become a successful businessman." "Weight loss will be 10 pounds in 10 minutes. You can do this simple exercise with the clothes you wear at home. ” "In a few minutes you will be beautiful and fresh in a day."

Our society is full of deceptions. This can be understood by looking at all the unusual and strange demands of the above advertisement, which exist in all spheres of society. Sometimes the trick of that lie is easily understood. However, in most cases that deception is not easy to understand. Because they not only make false promises, but also demonstrate various practical examples to gain people's trust. So that he can easily gain people's trust and fool people and take money.

This deception of advertising strongly attracts the space of normal human desire. We do not believe that this unnecessary excess weight will actually be mysteriously reduced in 10 minutes without any pain, any hard work, any daily exercise, any sweat. And that's why we bought medicine, powdered water-less drinks, and non-commercial exercise equipment.

Also one of the more popular business is whitening cream. "2 shad colors will become brighter in one night" is their main slogan. Girls are naturally more vulnerable to beauty. And this weakness is used by these dishonest advertisers as the main tool to deceive people.

The deception of this lie started from the very beginning of human creation.

And it all started with a clever and cunning intermediary's advertising strategy.

He has been using his cunning tactics from the beginning to the present to win our love for him, to influence our free will, and ultimately to lead our lives to ruin. No matter what we think, whatever problems we face in this world are the result of that deception. ”

Satan binds the bright promise of “real life”; Because he knows that anyone who responds to his lies will die.

Why then do we fall into the trap of Satan's deception? Why do we fall into temptation? The only reason is that the devil does not usually come in the form of a snake, but rather appears in the guise of the top 10 best-selling songs in newspapers, movies, TV shows, or charts. He may even disguise himself as a sincerely advised relative or friend, disguised as a therapist, a religious writer, preacher, or religious adviser.

In fact, whenever we find information that is inconsistent with God's Word, we can be sure that Satan is trying to deceive us. What we read, hear, or think may seem right, but it is not right if it is inconsistent with God's Word. We may notice a little deeper that the forbidden fruit, at first glance, may seem ripe and full of sweet taste, but will eventually lead to death and destruction.

Ways to get out of captivity

We are all trapped in one place or another in our lives, because we have responded, believed, and listened to that lie. How can we escape the bondage of that falsehood and move on to freedom?

This is possible only after passing the following three steps:

1) Identifying aspects of sinful behavior or imprisonment:

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Again, some aspects may not be clear. Ask God to show you where you are not free. The Bible says, "If anyone gives in to anything, he is his slave."

What aspects of your life stand in the way of your free life? Are you a prisoner of something physical (overeating, overeating, intoxication, etc.)? Are you trapped in something mental (instability, fear, depression, chronic mental illness)? Are you a sex prisoner (sexual lust, pornography, extramarital sex)? Are you financially captive (extra spending, greed, miserliness)? Is there a habit of sin that hurts you (anger, lies)? Are you overly shy, talkative, addicted to thrillers or television? God may remind you of many other things in which you are trapped.

Whenever you can identify those things, it is best not to try to eliminate them. You may have already fought to get rid of those habits, but you have given up. If you think a tree in your garden has poisonous fruit, you will want to pluck the fruit, but it will produce new and more poisonous fruit. It will be best if you can uproot the whole tree from the shaker. In that case the following step is very important.

2) Identify the deception at the root of this captivity of addiction:

What kind of lies have you listened to, believed in and been active in that have kept you captive? The answer to this question may not come to you immediately - because usually the main thing is hidden deep in the content. The characteristic of lying is to deceive. God's help is needed to delve deeper into the matter.

3) Accepting the truth by rejecting falsehood:

Devil is a very powerful opponent. And deception is his main weapon. His lies are also very strong. On the other hand, the original is true but far more powerful than devil's lies.

If we can realize the fact that we are trapped in a web of lies and believe, then we have the weapons to attack all those deceptions. And the name of this weapon is 'True'.

Every lie must be defeated with this truth. We have to reject the lies that we have indulged in, believed in, nurtured, heard, and start believing, listening, meditating and applying the truth in life. And in this way we can break the shackles of captivity with the power of the Holy Spirit and set out on the path to freedom or liberation. "Truth will set you free."

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Written by   124
5 months ago
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If you ever seen any turkish Islamic series then you can find out there a common thing is they never lie and even no matter in which situation they..this help them much to come out from any kind of bad problem you know..

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5 months ago

I like the subject matter of your content. Deception we fall into its trap because we know the past that we want never to return to it( I am speaking based on economic). If we see closely, we find that we have found out the solution to every problem which is money. We even have connected our emotions to it. This is why we fall into the trap of its greediness.

And I find the way out of it is through ourselves. In our life, the competitor is the self. If we can defeat self we can get out of it.

Otherwise, there is no way out.

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5 months ago

Nice to see your article with last few lines accepting the truth. Yeah loss by telling truth is better than win by lie

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5 months ago

A sharp mind is always required to tackle with every situation. We should not be addiction at single call. There are a lot of deceptions

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5 months ago

Ephesians 6 vs 12 says "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places". The devil comes in different forms, especially to we the youths, we have to watch and pray at all time

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5 months ago