Memories of our mysterious friendship and some broken hardships

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3 years ago

I do not understand what to start with.

Today has been a frustrating day for me.  Why did I say frustration; because I feel like I'm losing the battle of life. 

Life means war.  In every moment we fight and survive.  The fight to live a good life, trying to build a beautiful life but can make your life a little easier when there is someone to support you.

This struggle was very difficult for me because I could not find anyone to support me.  Those who have are the beneficiaries.  I have never received such support from anyone.  Just got advice.

What kind of advice:

*Life needs to be kept small. 

*Whether you get something or not, you have to pay. 

*No one will come to my needs, but I have to contribute 100% to their needs. 

Much more.  Who are these?  These are my loved ones.  With whom my day begins and the day ends.hahaha 💔 I think many families have some of these people .

However, this is how it went.  A little frustration, a lot of not getting it.  I wrapped myself in myself.  But creator did not allow it.  Something wonderful happened to me that changed my life.

Creator makes your life better only when you need it most.That nice name is "Friend".

My friend  I call him my "support system".  Because after getting acquainted with him, I came to know that I am a single entity.  I have an identity.  There is so much beauty in me.  There are many qualities.  Has the power to influence anyone.  Hahaha - I'm telling the truth.  Little did I know, I was so wonderful.  Who am I ?  I never asked myself this question.  What can I do?  Never tried to find.But my friend came and changed me like a storm.  Clearly gave me a clean mind set.  It was like a dream

It felt like a dream.  I opened my eyes and saw I was standing in a green field under the blue sky.  All around clean, no thorns.  There are so many roads in front of me, I can go any way.  There are no obstacles, I just need to move on.  Where have these paths been for so many years !!  Why didn't I ever try to find out?  I kept myself confined within myself.  I am always looking for my own happiness in the happiness of others.  I wanted to be among them, but I couldn't.  Humans are very strange creatures. No matter how much you do for them, it is never possible to get one hundred percent satisfaction from them.So I also gave up trying in vain now

I don't want to find my own happiness in the happiness of others anymore.I want to be happy in my own right now.Although I realized the reality too late, at least I realized that I have to fight my own battle.  And I'm ready.  I want to face my own realities now.  And you made this realization inside me.  Yes, you are my friend.

It is his contribution that I am writing today with so much courage and truth.  I need a courage, a strength, an initiative that I didn't have.

We have always heard that having a good friend is very important in life.  Really today I am writing and thinking the depth of the word.  You don't have to have many people in your life.

Need a honest and a fearless person who will be by your side in every step you take.He will not lie to please you.  That will not make your mind flow in false dreams.  He will show you the right way.  It doesn't matter if you are a little sad.  But you will know the right thing, you will get the right education from him.  He will be your friend at any time, your guardian at any time and someone of your love at any time.

You may not even know what you taught me.

You taught me how to Avoid toxic people who:

- Mess with your head or heart

- Take away your inner peace

- Never apologize for treating you bad

- Always act like the victim.

That's why I say :

The presence of this right person will take you to the ultimate goal of your life. Where is the right position? When the time comes, you will see , you will feel the right time.

You need effort and direction.The Creator will surely give you good results in your efforts but you will have to give patience and dedication.

I wish everyone would find such a right friend in their life.

I said at the beginning of the writing that today started with a failure or a hardship.That's why I want to share it :

When I woke up this morning and checked my mobile, I saw that my friend had sent me a message saying" I don't want to disturb in your life".

After reading the message I stopped there for a while I didn't understand what my reaction should be I should be sad or I should be angry.

There were thousands of questions running through my mind but I couldn't ask him any questions because I was so scared I had a fear of what the answer would be.I wondered what he thought he had given me this message.Was there anything wrong with my behavior or did he get hurt in any of my work?

In the end I ask him.  What do you think it said: You can disturb my life?

What did it say today that taught me to live in a new way and revealed my inner talents?

Inside me I was just going to be empty because there was no answer coming to my head .

At last my friend's silence was broken.  My friend answered me.

**Maybe the thoughts I gave you disturbed your life, that without it you could find a way to be happy in your situation, but now you think about breaking out, and that is risky and can lead to some suffering, so maybe it was not an advantage. I don't really think so, but it is a bit scary anyway.**

I just want to tell my friend !! dear friend 🌹

😓 I’m scared, just like you are.

I’ve never experienced anything like this- our friendship- before, not ever, not in any way.

Our connection is so powerful that I can’t explain how I feel, only that it’s something I’ve become sure of- like the sun rising or being able to breathe.

I never expected to find you and I never thought feelings of this magnitude even existed.

You’ve been hurt before and I know your heart  can be fragile,and me too!! but I know that building the right foundation will take time, patience and love..

I didn’t expect it, I still don’t know what to make of it sometimes, but I’m embracing you,

So, we don’t need to rush, let’s just walk for a while

Learn the language of our hearts, explore the connection of our souls, and truly dive deeper into this amazing gift that we’ve been blessed with.

I can’t promise I’ll always be perfect or that life will be easy, but if we work together, hold hands through the hard times and never stop supporting each other openly and honestly, there’s nothing we can’t do..together.

I’ve waited my whole life for you, so let’s just build our trust.

This is really happening, so let’s pinch ourselves every so often and remind each other how much we feel each other

Scared, happy, excited, worried, blissful..All the things we both feel are normal and natural.

Let’s just make sure that we do whatever we can everyday.

#One more thing I learned today is that if you get hurt unexpectedly from a loved one, he or she can never be hated. Because he lives in your heart.

#Say friendship or love; In the midst of every relationship, many times wrong decisions or wrong mentality are made but so the relationship never breaks down.

#Rather the relationship gets stronger but the mistakes must be corrected and the right solution must be found

#But the saddest thing I've ever learned is that you can't be so dependent on someone that their absence can ever break you.

As it happened to me today, for a moment it seemed as if my whole world had been destroyed. The ground beneath my feet had shifted. I was alone in the world.

But👉 I also know that everything has a certain limit.And only time can heal all your wounds again.

But👉until the right time comes, how much you can hold on to, how you can survive and rebuild yourself is the Creator's test for you.

Although I can never imagine a moment without my friend .But all these realities were revealed to me by my friend, taught me to think and gave me the courage to face these realities.
Tell me who wouldn't want such a friend !!  Everyone wants to, but he's my friend, just my friend.

😊I still feel like I haven’t been able to present you as much as you are a person with a big heart...🌹


🌹I would like to dedicate this article to my white hearted friend👉🏻🌹

# I will say again that I pray that such a friend will come in everyone life.

Good night everyone and many thanks to those who will read my article and share some of their friendship memorise in the comment box.


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3 years ago


wow, what a heart touching friendship .May Allah bless you both...💖

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2 years ago

You are a real writer now, too

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3 years ago

Sir@ErdoganTalk Thank you so much.😊Thank you so much for reading and commenting and tipping on my articles all the time and above all for always supporting me.💖

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3 years ago


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3 years ago

To my best friend. I miss our bonding. But i know you have you own priorities now. Your family. I am happy for you.

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3 years ago

S done😘😘😘

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3 years ago

Nice♥♥♥♥Helping Thish Post

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3 years ago

i love it😍😍😘😘😘

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3 years ago

Great article 💫 True Friendship is also Great in itself. Nice work... May you get more and more.

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3 years ago

Thank you so much

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3 years ago

Good article Sujana. Keep up the good work. I wish to find my best friend.

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3 years ago

@cryptoking123 Thank you so much for reading my article and for such a nice inspiring comment and I hope you too will get a good friend soon inshallah :)

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3 years ago

I know your feeling right now miss sujana..thankyou for sharing. Your story about your friend, me i dont have many friends but for now I have one for my life and i can say she's my forever bestfriend❤️❤️❤️ "Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart"-Eleanor Rosevelt

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3 years ago

Good friends do not unite in the forehead of everyone and there is no limit to the happiness of those who unite in destiny....🥰🥰

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3 years ago

@Lisates ,Truly it is like a special gift from God to find a right friend in your life.

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3 years ago